Andrea Holwegner

Health, Wellness & Productivity Expert
Calgary, Alberta

What Andrea is Passionate About

Energized! Healthy Productive Energy *(Most Requested Session) 

How busy people use nutrition to starve stress & percolate productivity

Key benefit: improve productivity; reduce stress & burnout

We all want to be healthy, productive and manage stress effectively. At the same time we are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. Heavy work schedules and busy family commitments increase stress, lower our resiliency and sacrifice productivity. As stress and exhaustion take over our nutrition suffers and personal health can take a hit. Add the challenges of conflicting and over-complicated health information and we can become overwhelmed. The good news is there are simple solutions to starve stress and manage productivity through your workday so that your family-life and hobbies get the best of you. Andrea will inspire you with easy steps to take charge of your everyday eating habits that even the busiest person can do. As the chocoholic nutritionist, Andrea will show you that the secret to successful health is flexibility, never taking things too seriously and having fun.


The Pursuit of Healthiness 

Achieve health without guilt or complexity

Key benefit: Improve overall health & wellness; reduce health costs

Andrea has a mission to help you achieve health without guilt and complexity. Food and eating is much like life; when you are having fun, you will be successful. You don’t need complicated plans and a huge amount of time or resources. You also don’t need to sacrifice your favorites to improve your wellness. Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and reducing obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, stress, burnout and more. Andrea will discuss the most important changes you can make to what or how you are eating that has profound changes to your health, energy and weight management. Andrea will wrap relevant content and solutions in an entertaining, humorous session and show you that you can achieve more of what really matters to you in your life. Better health, life balance, stress management and workplace productivity are all within your reach. You will enjoy her refreshing approach that you needn’t be perfect to achieve good health (she is the Chocoholic Nutritionist after all!).


Less Stress & Stealth Health 

Why burgers and fries are your secret weapon

(Suited for audiences that have a large number of males in attendance)

Key benefit: Improved workplace wellness, culture, stress management, productivity & safety

This session is a perfect fit for male audiences with demanding, high-stress jobs that are looking for a relevant content-rich session that is also FUN.  Yes it is true – burgers and fries with your buddies can actually keep you healthy! You don’t need to be perfect in order to achieve good health. In order to be successful you need to be flexible and have fun!  Andrea has a mission to help you reduce stress and achieve health without guilt and complexity. As the Chocoholic Nutritionist Andrea is known for her approachability and balanced message regarding health and good living. She is a foodie, a die-hard chocoholic and married to a wine importer whose carnivorous eating habits have earned him the nickname “meat-head.”  Andrea is best known for her energy as well as easy steps and simple solutions for busy people that want to look and feel their best. She has the ability to translate the complex science of medicine, nutrition and health into easy to understand, relevant strategies you can use immediately.  Outside of inspiring better personal health, Andrea also inspires delicious ways to improve workplace satisfaction. She advocates that food builds relationships and that any organization can build better workplace culture, productivity and profit simply by eating together.

Marketing to Health Conscious Consumers 

The needs and trends of consumers that want to be healthier

(Exclusively for the food, grocer, agriculture & restaurant industry)

Key benefit: enhance credibility, visibility & sales

Everyone wants to be healthy yet more people than ever before are struggling with obesity, health issues and guilt about their food choices than ever before. Add the challenges of a negative perception of the food and restaurant industry as well as conflicting and overcomplicated health information and you can see why people are overwhelmed. How well do you understand the needs, buying decisions and questions of health conscious consumers and those with medical issues? Are you coming up with ideas that will satisfy a hungry market that is starving for better solutions to their needs? Do you know what key opinion leaders that educate the public about health and wellness every day will say about your offerings and marketing material? Contemplating these questions is important for product innovation, marketing and communication of your current and future offerings. When you create choices, partnerships and credible education for this population that not only deliver taste but also you surprise them with solutions for their health, you will create a new following of loyal supporters.

Workplace Nutrition Initiatives 

Boost Employee Health & Productivity

(Exclusively for HR professionals, Health & Safety Managers, Benefit Providers and anyone responsible for employee wellness)

Key benefit: enhanced workplace wellness, health & safety programs; improve employee health & productivity.

Nutrition is one of the most important yet neglected components of health and safety initiatives and workplace wellness programs.  This session will boost your knowledge on nutrition to enhance employee health and productivity. Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and reducing obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, stress, burnout and more. Supporting healthy employee eating habits also plays a role in reducing the high cost of employee benefits, medications, sick leaves and poor productivity. Nutrition is one of the most important areas you need to focus on to address unfavourable results in health risk assessments and biometric screening.  Andrea will review top strategies for HR professionals to use when building successful nutrition initiatives in your workplace. She will discuss what organizations can do to improve the cardiovascular health, weight management and productivity of their employees through nutrition. She will also discuss case studies about initiatives that are working to shift nutrition habits in the organizations she is working with regularly.  Andrea has a mission to help organizations achieve health without guilt and complexity. Food and eating is much like life; when your team is having fun, they will be successful. Your employees don’t need complicated plans and a huge amount of time or resources. They also don’t need to sacrifice their favourites to improve wellness. You will enjoy her refreshing approach that you needn’t be perfect to achieve good health (she is the Chocoholic Nutritionist after all!).

Health in a Hurry! 

Meal planning for insanely busy people

Key benefit: improve practical skills in healthy meal planning to reduce stress

Meal planning can go a long way to improve your overall health, productivity and weight management. If you are time crunched and looking for quick meal ideas then this content rich session will inspire you to move forward with clear focus in your meals and snacks. Learn about quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, supper and snack ideas for a busy schedule that you and the whole family will enjoy. Review savvy grocery shopping and time saving techniques that even the busiest person can manage.

Show me the Weigh! 

Nutrition for weight management

Key benefit: improve health, wellness & confidence; reduce health costs

Looking for safe and effective ways to really lose extra pounds and keep them off? See through nutrition quackery by learning proven principles of weight-loss that really make a difference. Discover the top weight management tips that help you manage hunger and still enjoy your favorite foods.

Why You Need Andrea

Nutrition and eating habits have a profound impact on your overall health, wellness and stress as well as workplace productivity, safety, confidence and creativity. Food and eating should be fun!  You don’t need to sacrifice your favorites to be successful. Audiences will understand how to achieve health and productivity without guilt or complexity:

When employee health and nutrition is not maximized, employers have higher health benefit costs and experience more absenteeism, safety issues and lost productivity.  Studies repeatedly show that healthier, less stressed out employees are happier, more creative, and ultimately more productive.  Investing in health and nutrition will help your organization recruit and retain the best talent and elevate workplace culture.

 Andrea is a good fit when you or your client:

  • Is looking for a fresh perspective on the topic of health, wellness, stress, safety, workplace culture, performance and productivity.
  • Needs a mix of relevant, rich content mixed with entertainment and fun.
  • Wants a high-energy, fun speaker that can connect with a broad diverse audience.
  • Is experiencing heavy work demands and high stress and needs strategies to help boost personal energy and resiliency.
  • Is looking for a new, more specific session related to health and wellness instead of the usual general health and wellness speakers they have had over the years.
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Why You Will Love Andrea

“Andrea Holwegner was a guest speaker at our annual retreat and was great! Addressing a full room of doctors to discuss nutrition is a challenge, I am sure…but Andrea hit the mark by teaching us about the psychology of eating…the why and how it is that we ignore what we know about health…much more useful than a lecture on food. She was fun and engaging and the information she gave us was very, very relevant to all of us. Thank you Andrea!”

Deputy Head, Department of Paediatrics, University of Calgary

“I wish to sincerely thank you for participating at this year’s Freshables Conference, your topic and your presentation was just what the Doctor ordered being that the focus was on Health & Wellness at this year’s event. Your message and your energy inspired all that attended. Your execution was spot on while at the same time left us wanting more of what you had to offer. In today’s fast moving economy and hectic lifestyle you brought home a realistic action plan for real personal change as well as solutions that can target real sales growth in today’s Food Retail environment. I applaud your ability to coach and mentor and most importantly your infectious humour and great passion for what you believe in. Andrea, it’s my pleasure to endorse you as a true professional.”

Keith J. Ball
Manager, Produce Sales & Marketing, Associated Grocers

“We have continued to bring Andrea back multiple times as a speaker for our organization because her message clearly hits home with our employees. She has a unique ability to bring fun, relevant and realistic solutions to help our employees live healthier despite demanding work schedules. When employees are healthier, our company benefits with an improved bottom line. When you need a motivational speaker that will deliver education mixed with a sense of humour in the topic areas of health, wellness and productivity, Andrea will deliver”.

Stephanie Stillinger
Manager, Human Resources – Disability Management & Wellness, Newalta Corporate Office

“Andrea is not only a wellness expert but also an engaging speaker that has stirred up positive change in our team. As a group of busy professionals with very demanding jobs, we appreciated Andrea’s practical, not perfect approach. She enthusiastically led our half-day offsite retreat with relevant strategies to improve our nutrition, health and productivity. Each of us took away simple tips that could be implemented right away to help us manage stress and improve how we perform in our professional and personal lives.”

Carrolyn Schmid & Jacky Chan
Senior Advisors, Corporate Controllers Group, Enbridge Inc.

“Andrea, your high energy keynote session delivered at our conference was right on target! Your positive contagious energy and humour generated optimism with our group. Your stories and practical tips not only captivated the attention of our group, but inspired us to take charge of our health. We learned that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, and that small changes can really make a difference in how we feel at work every day. Your fresh approach to healthy eating and philosophy that all foods can fit really allowed you to connect with the audience. We look forward to having you speak to our group again. Thanks!”

Debra Watt
Manager, Court Services, Alberta Justice


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