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Sarah McVanel

Greatness Magnified - Recognition Expert
St Catharines, Ontario


What Sarah is Passionate About

The Frog Factor The Secret to Attracting and Retaining World-Class Talent!  

Energize yourself and your workplace through this fun, informative and inspirational session. Get ready to turn your notions about recognition on their head by exploring it through a powerful solution focused lens. A proven process for self, team and organizational recognition is offered, F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™, inviting you to identify key ways you can begin to shift your organizational culture right away. By the end of this session, you will be ready to trial easy, inexpensive and proven techniques for recognizing others in your workplace that support meaningful connection and lasting change. Let’s focus on the strategic language, business case and human case for recognition that will convince, inspire and influence decision makers. Whether you’re burnt out or energized, in a boom or bust economy, you can’t afford NOT to recognize…starting now!

Living & Leveraging Your Greatness 

Are you able to use your talents, passions and virtues every day? Are they valued? Are you energized? Are you elevating everyday to your potential? Doubt is not an option here; operating from a place of greatness fuels yours and others’ success. Don’t accept the alternative: disbelief, gossip, distraction, discomfort. Get present today to what is possible for you. Through Sarah’s humourous and inspirational stories of people like you and I, who have started doubt in the face and rejected it, you will see how making a choice to stand for greatness enables you to elevate thousands of others, ultimately realizing your goals in life and business. Get ready to step in to your greatness and elevate everyone’s around you!

The Flip Side of Failing 

Failure isn’t something we like to talk about, let alone experience. We play it safe. We contain our expectations. We hide it and wonder “what’s wrong with me?” or “what’s wrong with this place?” What if, instead, we could ACCEPT failure as an inevitable, undeniable reality, and by doing so, build failure-resiliency in our organizations? Through powerful stories of greatness – from Everest Climbers to 3M Scholars, from award-winning Journalists to Olympians – learn how failure was their gateway to success. And how these transferrable lessons can be for your company culture. In this energizing and entertaining presentation (with a few fun twists), you will awaken possibilities, deepen connections, and improve individual and organizational performance by seeing greatness in a while new light.

Why You Need Sarah

Recognition expert, Sarah McVanel is passionate about guiding each of us to re-discover our own greatness, and recognize the greatness in others.  She personifies Greatness Magnified!

Allow Sarah to unleash the power of F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™.

An experienced and dynamic speaker and coach, Sarah McVanel provides experiences customized to every organization. She offers the business evidence to back up how recognizing greatness in ourselves and others is key to sustained business success through improved morale, increased top talent retention, and generating a positive corporate culture.   Once we rediscover that understanding of our own greatness, we can use it to recognize that greatness all around us and improve ourselves, our workplace and the organization’s bottom line!

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Why You Will Love Sarah

“I had the great fortune of working with Sarah on our senior leadership team for several years. Sarah was instrumental in optimizing the performance of our team by keeping communication honest and effectual, and always aimed at our strategic goals.

Sarah is a dynamic, fun, and effective facilitator and community engager. In the development of our strategic plans, Sarah was a main driver – right from the initial stakeholder consultations, through brainstorming, and up to final submission. She was outstanding at this.

Sarah is also a phenomenal coach. She coached executives (like me), helping us be better leaders and also continue to love our jobs. She also coached several disruptive professionals (not like me, I hope) and really helped those professionals become valuable team members.

I can honestly state that without all the things I have learned from Sarah, I would not have been successful at reaching the next level in my career.”

Dave Cameron
Regional Supervising Coroner, Province of Ontario

“I have hired Sarah in every organization I have worked for. She has a unique ability to resonate with all participants, create momentum, and move people into action with passion and purpose. As a speaker, facilitator, and coach, she helps leaders become clear on how to leverage their top talent and create plans that result in healthier teams and bottom lines.”

Cindy McArthur
Senior Vice President Human Resources, Outland-Carillion Services

“It is my honour to write this recommendation for Sarah. I first connected with Sarah about three years ago when I held the PD role for HRPA – Hamilton Chapter. At that time Sarah was starting a new career venture “Greatness Magnified”. Our members soon after experienced her dedication, professionalism and passion for her work. She brings an enormous amount of experience and knowledge as a CHRL professional and Certified Coach.”

Carmela Ciotti-Hooper
Manager, Horizon Utilities


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