Gentina Tremblay

Gentina Tremblay - Accounting And Finance

Accounting and Finance

I have been working at LimeLight for over 6 years and have sincerely enjoy being a part of this team. Limelight offers a work environment exactly on par to what they promote to their clients- integrity, passion, professionalism and good natured fun! I enjoy working with both our clients and our incredibly talented roster of speakers and entertainers.  The fun continues for me after work too. My husband Chris and I are kept busy by our two daughters, Abby and Bailey.  Our social life now consists of driving them to their actives and entertaining their friends…we love it!


Gentina has over 20 years experience in accounting, and a familiarity with countless industries but has worked primarily with marketing and communications firms. She is as meticulous with details as she is with numbers. Gentina attended Saint Mary’s University before graduating from The Toronto School of Business in the Computerized Accounting – Honours program.

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