Steve Patterson

Comedian, Master of Ceremonies and Master Moderator
Toronto, Ontario

Why You Need Steve

Steve Patterson is a comedian who makes audiences happier. With over 25 years of experience performing his original material across Canada and around the world and over 15 seasons at the helm of the hit comedy debating show, The Debaters, Patterson provides a trusted source of material that he is constantly updating.

Best described as ‘honest and erudite’, combining well-crafted writing with incomparable off-the-cuff wit, Steve packs a well-travelled, well-honed delivery with diligent research to create one-of-a-kind shows for each audience he faces.

Twice named best male stand-up at the Canadian Comedy Awards, Steve is known for masterfully keeping the audience engaged with “funny because they’re true” stories, well-written letters, and even original songs. In short, Patterson packs much more than just punchlines into his shows.

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Why You Will Love Steve

Steve Patterson is not only one of the funniest comedians on this planet, but he can act, write, host and even SING! His talent is unparalleled and to top it all off, he is a wonderful and warm human being.”  

Hala Bissada
President & CEO, Hala inc.

“I wanted to say thank you again for the great job last night at the OMDA awards. Many people came up afterwards and commented on how great Steve was or how he set the right tone and flow for the evening. They felt like “he got them” as an audience. My sincere thanks and appreciation for doing what you do, so well.”

Sandra Skivsky
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Canada Masonry Centre

“…he received rave reviews from everyone in attendance. Some comments on our feedback questionnaire were…

• Hilarious!
• He was really, really funny!
• Hit the money!
• A riot!
• Amazing talent…the ability to think on his feet is outstanding
• What a professional, worldly relevant and an amazing comedian – Wow!

Out of a possible 5 points he scored 4.96. To say people enjoyed his show would be an understatement. Many people commented to me about how approachable and down to earth he was. It was awesome to have him attend and hang out with our geeky accounting group a bit.”

Tammi Grandy
Event Planner

“Steve presented an engaging, funny, relevant and appropriate performance to my clients and colleagues. His ability to incorporate recent events, comments from the crowd and our business into his material was amazing.”

Carl Spiess
Senior Wealth Advisor, Scotia McLeod

“We were blown away with the customization of this show! Steve connected with our audience from the second he stepped on stage. He’s simply in a league of his own.”

Henry Van Ankum
Chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario

“Everyone thought that Steve Patterson was amazing – so witty, funny and just on the mark.  He was bang on and very quick on his feet to react to the crowd which had a big impact.  I think that he really kept everyone engaged.”

Michelle Vallier
Ernst & Young

“Steve was a fabulous comedian who delivered even in absence of a microphone. Witty, quick on his feet, we have never laughed so hard. He is engaging and knows how to command a room. His material is comprised of intelligent humour and compelling story-telling. We look forward to see him on the road and at any event.”

Julianne Vondrejs
Communication Staff Officer Power Workers’Union

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