Foot stompin’ Celtic, old-time fiddling, bagpiping, & songs!
Nova Scotia

Why You Need SheNova

For anyone who loves Cape-Breton-style fiddle music with a twist, played by a mainlander, take note. Alycia Putnam & Family, a band which originated in Brookfield has something for everyone!

Alycia (fiddle, concertina, feet), Rob (guitar) and Kelly Putnam (bagpipes, whistle), and Laura Watson (fiddle, vocals) have teamed up to bring you the band, SheNova.

Over the course of their solo music careers, they have amassed a deep repertoire of eclectic tunes, recorded a total of 7 albums, and have performed at thousands of events.

Together, their sound is a unique blend of foot stompin’ Celtic, old-time fiddling, bagpiping, and singing. This East Coast group’s live show has something for everyone.

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