Shannon Quinn

Celtic Fiddler & Vocalist/Kitchen Party Experience
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why You Need Shannon

Shannon is a professional musician from Halifax, NS. She has been performing for over 16 years. Shannon achieved a music degree from Humber College in Toronto. She has been touring internationally with the award winning Scottish group ‘The Paul McKenna Band’ for the past 2 years.

This includes performances all across Canada, The United States, England, Scotland, Germany as well as the Netherlands. Some of Shannon’s past performances/achievements include: Cirque Du Soleil, featured with the Chieftans in Canada, featured soloist with Sympony Nova Scotia, Walt Disney World ‘Epcot’ United Kingdom Pavilion, performed with award winning group ‘Down with Webster’ at Massey Hall, featured violinist for ‘We Day’ concert in Halifax (10, 000 people), featured performer at ‘Music City Roots’ live broadcast as well as Bluegrass Underground in Nashville, TN.

Shannon released a solo album in 2008 entitled ‘The Irwin Lake Sessions and is releasing a new album summer 2015 featuring herself as a vocalist as well as fiddler. As well as being a solo artist, Shannon has also been performing with her father Tony Quinn for the past 16 years as a celtic/folk duo. They have performed for many private functions/conventions as well as theatres/festivals across Canada.

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Why You Will Love Shannon

“The mission of the show we produce, Music City Roots, is to provide a global showcase for excellent and authentic talent in the wide-ranging “Roots” music genre. Not only does Shannon Quinn meet these criteria – she sets the standard for the core qualities and values we look for in an artist: Technical proficiency, excellence in performance and presentation, sheer beauty in artistry, and most of all, integrity in honoring the culture of the musical style they represent, while breaking new ground and bringing the spirit of innovation that ultimately allows the art to evolve.

I give Shannon my highest endorsement. She will represent her country and musical culture proudly, and she will continue to have a profound impact on all the music fans she comes in contact with. We look forward to watching her career blossom, and hope to see her return to our stage soon.”

John Walker
Executive Producer Bluegrass Underground & Music City Roots, Nashville, TN

“In my capacity as senior music producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a period of forty years it was my pleasure to have worked with many of the great traditional fiddlers from around the world ranging from Natalie MacMaster, Kenny Baker, Aly Bain, Jerry Holland, Mark O’Connor, Martin Fay, Sean Keane, Angus Grant, John Morris Rankin, Buddy MacMaster and a host of others too numerous to mention. All of these artists have in common an innate ability to understand and convey their musical ideas to audiences in an extraordinary way that make their instruments an extension of their body and their soul, thus connecting with audiences in a way that has kept the music alive and relevant for audiences worldwide.

Shannon Quinn is a more recent example of a young woman who possesses these same qualities. When I first heard her I was struck by the seemingly effortless way she communicated all the emotions contained in a piece of music to the ears and hearts of the audience, a feat that surprised me given her tender years at the time. With a background steeped in traditional Celtic music, Shannon also added Jazz to her knowledge and performance base which has served to take her understanding of music, her technical abilities and composition to quite another level. Adding to her proficiencies on the fiddle, Shannon is also in possession of a gorgeous voice which she employs with the same dedication, beauty and clarity as her fiddle playing.

In my long career as a music producer I have seen few young artists who have these innate abilities which seem so natural and effortless. Although behind the scenes much hard work, study and practice have gone into her craft, it is the love of the music and the ability to convey that love to audiences that makes Shannon Quinn such a special musician.”

Glenn Meisner

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