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Morgan MacDonald

Folk Songs and Stories
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why You Need Morgan

Morgan MacDonald writes lyrically driven songs about the messy parts of life. He has triumphant songs about death, hesitant songs about love, and fearless, wide eyed songs observing the world around us. Morgan celebrates the things worth celebrating and pulls few punches on the things that are not. His songs have a diversity of influences and arrangements with his honest voice always resonating through. Morgan tours Canada coast-to-coast and can captivate audiences of all ages.

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Why You Will Love Morgan

“An enjoyable listen, revealing MacDonald to be an engaging, down to earth songwriter who also knows his way around a catchy melody.”

Hero Hill (Polaris Prize and Juno Award jurors)

“MacDonald’s work is absolutely exquisite. A couple of extra listens reveal the depths of his lyrics. MacDonald gives every indication that great things are yet to come from him.”

Grayowl Point

“Luminous dexterity, both as a songwriter and as a musician.”

Penguin Eggs Magazine

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