G Street Band

Packing the dance floor with high-energy classic tunes and current dance favs!
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why You Need G Street Band

The G Street band brings a new vibe to the Halifax music scene. The band is earning a following for their fresh take on some of music’s biggest hits.

Fronted by Liz Rigney and Mike Cowie, The G Street Band has a vast repertoire to suit pretty much any occasion. They can bring the glamour of jazz for an elegant reception, they’ve got a playlist of popular tunes for a sophisticated dinner or they can pull out all the stops and pack the dance floor with high-energy classic and current dance favs!

Versatility is the key to the G Street Band – with musicians who can play anything. They go from reception to dinner, right into dancing without missing a beat. From Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, they bring entertainment and fun.

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