What’s Your Vision?

By Stephanie Purcell

 You know how many goal setting, new year’s resolution posts you’ve seen over the last month as we enter a brand new year?! I see a lot online and in my inbox. I work with motivational speakers, thought leaders and successful business entrepreneurs. Can you imagine how many newsletters and articles land in my inbox on a regular basis?

It’s that time of year when you can see down the long path of a new year and you have that inspiration to make a plan. Here is a new twist on starting the new year- get graphic with a vision board! Vision boards are a very popular with many generations of individuals. They visually showcase your goals and aspirations. I have one in my home office near my desk. I’ve discovered it to be very inspiring and reminding me of my goals every day. If you have an influx of motivating material landing in your inbox and social media feeds, you’ll likely find one common statement of fact. “Write down your goals.” It’s written everywhere. So I figure I may as well give it a try!

There are many positive influences that can develop by creating one. Check out the Huffington Post article of the 7 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Vision Board in 2016. 

And if that doesn’t convince you, check out the beauty of vision boards on Pinterest. Take your goals and create them into something beautiful to look at daily.

One other special piece of art on my vision board is a photo of myself and Gary Vaynerchuk taken when I booked him for a client engagement. I read a lot of Gary Vee and listen to his best practices. One of them is goal setting. “One of my biggest pieces of advice in business is to be always looking ahead. You want to always have your end game in mind to make sure that every action you take maps to that end. I like to call that reverse engineering. If you make sure to consistently have your goals in mind, you can hold yourself accountable for what you’re doing in the day to day.” Gary Vee Check out his preparation post for 2016. This is how you can prepare your business for 2016.

Crafting your vision, shapes your reality. My head is in the game!