The Power of the Circle: Unique Meeting Formats

By Kimberley King


Bill Carr; an actor, writer, speaker, and social activist does a fantastic session on “Talking in Circles”. It is about communication at a deeper level than many of us are used to. It is about talking, listening, creating and working with a group of distinct individuals. It is about how to team-talk, team-think and team-create by enhancing the ability of each member of that team to connect with one another. It is about creating space for authentic human exchange. An open flow of communication is essential when brainstorming future goals of any organization.

Talking in Circles is more than just “talking” it is about how to set up conditions for real in depth discussions that strengthen relationships and build trust. This can lead to breakthrough ideas, deeper relationships and safer, healthier work environments. This circle work is not new, it is an ancient practice found in indigenous traditions from around the world. Talking the talk comes before walking the walk.