The Power of AV

By LimeLight Group

Surfing through a recent Meetings Canada magazine I was drawn into an article called “Sound & Light – How AV Elevates Events”. It was also fun to see an array of Event Planners our team at LimeLight have worked with throughout the article.

In the business of live events, the key to success so often depends on well executed sound and lighting. To us, the sound guy (or gal) is the most important person in the room. They can easily make or break an event, all with the touch of a button. “The tech guy at the back of the room, controlling the lights and mics, still provides the most-needed service in any meeting room. Not being able to see PowerPoint slides of hear speakers are sure ways to turn even the most agreeable attendees into disappointed event customers.”

Sight is without question the most effective sense in the world of events. AV can take a room from drab to fab. Seeing visuals the way they were intended allows attendees to learn, be engaged and enjoy the overall event experience. It’s a powerful engine in the room that should be given the attention it’s due!

And the attention on AV is getting more advanced as technology continues to develop and deliver the world of events more powerful tools to engage audiences than ever before and we should all be paying attention to that!

Check this great photo of Halifax City Hall at Spotlight on Mental Health. Credit to FMAV for a beautiful sight  to behold!