The LimeLight Culture

By Stephanie Purcell

When it comes to brand, it’s about the who you are and what you do that plays into effect. Logos are nice. Websites are nice. Office décor is nice. But at the heart of the matter, your brand is the people behind the business and what they stand for. When designing our new website, we really wanted it to showcase our company culture.. Our team lives our brand every day. It’s the cornerstone of our business and why people do business with us. We thought about the best way to convey this to our current audience and to prospective clients who don’t know us yet. The Who, what, why, where and how felt like the best example to give that answer.

WHAT WE DO – Outcomes do outplay everything. We talk, we listen. We have great talent. We take your audience where they need to go.

HOW WE DO IT – We take on a fresh, fun and fabulous perspective. The day I noticed Danielle started writing fabulous in her email correspondence; She was one of us, she was living the brand and got the culture of the dream team. We want to know you and we want you to know us.

WHY WE DO IT – Conversations are powerful. We want to be an extension of your dream team. This is where our talent and our clients tell us the magic really exists.

WHERE WE DO IT – Happily, right across the country. People tell us we are friendly, upbeat, caring listeners and advisors. We love our city but want our people to know we will work hard for them in any area code.

We want the cornerstone of our culture to help us build relationships that are friendly, fun and collaborative! There’s something very right about having fun while you deliver meaningful work.