The Debate Over the Ideal Corporate Entertainment

By LimeLight Group

Be it resolved that The Debaters Live is a stimulating way to liven up your next event!  Start with award winning host and comedian– Steve Patterson; add two professional stand-up comedians and then customize a debate question with your audience in mind. A rapid fire exchange of ‘facts and funny,’ The Debaters Live is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition with your audience picking the winner. The hit radio show, The Debaters has a very loyal audience and no doubt some of these fans will be sitting in your audience.  Bringing a popular CBC radio show to life also adds some nice cache to your event. This is corporate entertainment at its finest. And that is not debatable!

Another popular concept that really comes to life from the east coast is a Songwriter’s Circle. I’ve debated with many people on the phone about how incredible a show like this can be, especially when I get a response that they think it sounds ‘boring’. I ask if they have ever seen one in real life….their answer is always no! The Songwriter’s Circle is one of my all-time favourite performances.. Singer-songwriters share songs and stories on stage, typically in a spontaneous fashion. You’ll often hear about four musicians getting together for a jam and a few drinks but not usually in front of hundreds of people. It’s an intimate musical performance that lets you inside the mind of a songwriter. As an audience member you feel like you’re part of the ‘jam’, as if you’re sitting in the artist’s living room to gather to hear about song writing and where the songs came from.  It’s not only a musical performance, it’s a comedy show. With so many life experiences, artists tell stories in a very engaging and often hilarious manner.

These are just two of the unique formats of corporate entertainment available. The only thing up for debate is what is perfect for your audience!