The Community

By Stephanie Purcell

This a phrase my friends and I use a lot. We have this great group of friends who love to have fun together, support each other, work together and take care of each other. It’s a special thing that I value being a part of.

I love this quote by Anthony D’Angelo, “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” Isn’t that the truth!

Luckily I’m part of a few communities. My professional community of colleagues in the meetings and events industry work together. We strengthen the industry and market our services to the world because we care about the business we are in. There’s opportunities to support one another to help raise money for worthy causes such as Shelter Nova Scotia or Hospice Halifax. We are committed to referring business to each other because doing good work brings more good work. We call on each other as experts when we need advice and see the impact in collaboration because many hands make for great accomplishments. We all care about seeing success whether it’s business or pro bono.

Being part of a community whether it’s business or personal is exceptional. Caring about the community is essential. Contributing to the community is vital.

How is your community?