Survival of the Fittest, not the Fastest

By LimeLight Group

Pause for thought.  It’s a common saying.  We often talk about an idea or a happening that gives us ‘pause for thought.’  But how often do we really pause? How often do we take time to give ourselves the space we need to think through and idea, solve a problem, or daydream about nothing at all?  Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s a sign of the times, maybe I am just experiencing information overload. Whatever the reason, I know I am not alone.  I have the pleasure of working with a speaker who has really given me pause for thought over the past year. Especially as I pass another milestone year in my business.

His name is Carl Honoré and his area of expertise is Slow Living.   Why would anyone want to know about that?  Well, in this age of distraction we are now learning that speed isn’t always the best catalyst for good performance.  In fact speed can often cause mistakes.  And there are all kinds of studies to show that workplaces can be crippled by speed.  Cities are being branded as slow cities and community leaders, families and schools are all taking notice of the need to adopt a slow creed.

LimeLight is celebrated 14 years in business this year.  Over this time I have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients and listening to their challenges in the workplace: the war on talent, doing more with less, the clash of generations, taming technology, adapting to change, fast deadlines and slow economies.  And we have worked hard to help companies and organization adapt, change and grow through our roster of experts.  I’m proud of that. But as we head toward 2020,  I think people need some new tools in their toolbox.  In his Book The Slow Fix, Carl suggests we: downsize daytimers, decelerate, disconnect and reconnect with what’s important.  The result?  Better leaders, better employees, better thinkers and yes, better families too.  We are just half way through 2017.  I hope the next six months find you in a geared down mode- so you can see opportunities more clearly, find better solutions to challenges and yes, enjoy life more fully.  That way everyone wins.   LimeLight is proud to have worked with Carl on his new website