Socialize Your Event

By Stephanie Purcell

Social media is the number one advertising tool to get the word out about your event. SmartMeetings Magazine had an excellent article on, “How to Socialize Events” by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. It gave great insight, and got me thinking… why isn’t everyone immersing themselves in the social media marketing movement?!

Use a Hashtag

Hashtags have taken over the internet, from events, to daily memes, and everything in between. Come up with an easy to use, easy to remember hashtag that will be included in each part of your event. #HPX2015 #lawleaders #xyztechsummit  Integrate your hashtag in everything…whether it is presentation slides, posters, social media posts, and photos. Tell your audience early so they are aware of it and can have fun with it! A good tip from the article that many people may not think of is to include the hashtag in your email signature!

Dedicate a Person

Have an energetic “person” to oversee the social media and networking of your event. Before the event, this person should be promoting, promoting, promoting! Get the word out, and gather a following. During the event, post what’s happening, make it fun and envious for those who missed it. Post event, have this person share feedback, pictures, and videos that were associated with the hashtag and event itself.

Wireless Internet

Make sure your internet connection is password free and of good quality! Nothing is more frustrating than continuously having to log on and off because of a faulty connection. You want to keep your audience captivated and avoid deterring their interest in connecting with the event. A good wireless connection will allow continued postings before, during, and after an event.

Provide a “Selfie Section”

Have a designated area for photo taking and sharing. Give your audience the ability to accessibly contribute to networking the event… less work for your “person”, and more fun for your guests! Build a backdrop with your event logo, hashtag, or image plastered all over it. Free advertising while guests enjoy taking their selfies.

Involve your Execs

Executives should be willing to go further than saying a few words from the podium and then not take the opportunity to keep their voices heard socially. Have your executive team tweet key messages from the speakers presenting at the event, congratulate award winners via Twitter, promote the gala event that’s happening and show their personal side in virtual reality.

Consider taking action with these ideas for your next conference or event. Simple strategies for good work that delivers results!