Let’s Learn from the experts: The Comedian

By Stephanie Purcell

Recently found this article on LinkedIn: 5 Things Sales Professionals Can Learn from Stand-up Comedians

The author asks if readers agree or disagree!? For sure, I agree. I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy. That’s also evident since it’s even written in my bio: “One goal I have is that more people should book corporate comedy…there is mad genius in our country.” This genius, I believe, showcases so much that can be learned from the world of stand up.

My favorite lesson in this article is the “Art of Storytelling”. We all know in so many aspects of our businesses from marketing to branding to sales, we have to be great story tellers. Who we are and what we’re doing comes through these stories and being able to deliver these stories in an effect manner with a killer punchline can lead to great success.

If you’re in sales, pitching for sponsorship as a non-profit, making a presentation or looking to be influential in any field, you should take a page from the experts; the comedians. You can find so many videos on YouTube of great comedy….and also on the LimeLight site. Learning from these experts who work in a very challenging field…one most would never what to try….will help give you some valuable skills.