Let There Be Light

By Kimberley King

For many of us, 3pm rolls around during a long work day, and the “afternoon slump” sets in. It can make you feel lazy, tired, and for me…. hungry!  I read this article by Christine Otsuka: “Let There Be Light”, published by Meetings Canada and it provides lots of great  information.

Did you know that natural sunlight lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, builds your immune system, reduces pain and stress, and improves depression? It also keeps your creative juices flowing… as I sit here writing this blog post, I am happily working from a home space filled with sunlight  that overlooks the water in beautiful Chester, Nova Scotia.  I am trying to do more of my focused writing in my home office.  I used to think that I liked to work at home because it was free from distractions, but as I learn more about the relationship between the spaces where we work and our productivity and creativity, I know there are many other reasons.

When planning a meeting or conference consider using spaces with more natural light. The Ottawa Convention Centre is known for their stunning meeting centres, that are filled with natural light.  Here are some reasons sunlight is a must for your next event:

Productivity: It’s proven! Students in classrooms with the highest levels of daylight were found to perform up to 18% higher on tests, and progress 26% faster on reading tests then students in classrooms with the least amount of light. Making your event attendees feel comfortable in the space they are to be consuming large amounts of information, is a must. You want your attendees to leave with important take away’s to further their productivity and success at their workplace after the conference is finished.

Creativity: There is not much room for creativity between 4 grey walls. You want to have a space for your audience that will allow them to be creative and develop out-of-the-box ideas. When you think of the investment of bringing teams together (whether it’s a one day off site or a 3 day convention) – you want to maximize results and outcomes!  Natural sunlight will allow for a better work environment both creatively and emotionally.

When planning your next event, look for venues that have lots of natural light, and an added bonus… a sitting area outside for breaks throughout the day!