‘Insure to ensure’ your Meeting Success!

By Kimberley King

Are you the person who says “that won’t ever happen to me?”  Event disasters can happen at any time. Event insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is very crucial to avoid risk. We asked Tom Baker from our insurance company, Bell & Grant to enlighten us on why event insurance is should be a staple in the event planning process:

“The key to planning a great event lies in the details.  Insurance is one detail not to be overlooked. Depending on the type of event, there are exposures that traditional insurance policies may not respond to therefore arranging the proper insurance is critical. Coverage can be placed at relatively low cost to protect the event organizers, staff, volunteers, participants, performers and real property. With this peace of mind in place, the event can move forward with the knowledge that should a claim occur,  this detail has been planned for.” Most venues will have minimum insurance requirements as will celebrity artists.

You just never know when disaster can strike.  Someone can trip over a cord, or lighting, there’s risk of food poisoning and a whole host of other potential incidents. Injured parties deciding to sue can name almost everyone involved in the event from the venue to the organization to the event planner.

What about cost? Insurance companies price depending on the size and exposure of the event.  According to Ignite Magazine, fees can range from $200 for a small event with no alcohol, to $1,000- $10,000 for larger, highly exposed events with alcohol. It’s worth every penny for the safety of your event and everyone involved!  Our Mother’s were right: Better safe than sorry!