How Green is your Footprint?

By Stephanie Purcell

Let’s Go Green! Shifting ones mindset to consider some simple strategies to ‘green’ an event will create a ripple effect. It helps our environment, creates awareness and is ultimately our responsibility as industry leaders to make at least a small impact each and every time.

Do you know our friends at Bullfrog Power? They are colleagues in our industry that we love to see out at the latest networking reception or gala affair. We partner with them to choose clean, green energy for our office. And as you can imagine, Green, is our favourite colour!

You’ve also probably seen the Bullfrog Power logo outside the doors of an event you’ve attended. Seeing an event being powered with 100% green electricity makes me feel good and it should. The organizers are consciously aware that they need to make an environmental impact in a positive way. Choosing green energy is a great way to help reduce your carbon emissions footprint. The process is very simple—Bullfrog estimates your event’s energy usage based on the venue’s square footage, and then puts green energy onto the grid to match the amount of conventional energy the event uses. “In the face of climate change, we all have to do our part, and choosing green energy is a good way to reduce the event’s emissions footprint and create awareness,” says Bullfrog Power’s Holly Bond.

If this interests you and you’re wondering how to get your events powered up with Bullfrog Power at your next event, visit

Stay tuned next week and we’ll talk about some other great strategies in addition to Green Energy you can consider for your next event!