Getting in the Zone

By Stephanie Purcell

The term ‘Green Room’ refers to a location for performers before and after an engagement. Historically these rooms actually used to be painted green however the modern day green room is not green at all. I’ve spent a lot if time in Green Rooms…a lot. They have been every type of make shift room from hotel board rooms to a garage to a slick ‘performer ready’ room with all the bells and whistles.

Because I’ve been working in this business for more than a decade, I have ‘earned’ the ability to be welcomed into a green room because I understand the importance it provides to an individual performer. Making sure an artist is comfortable you’re in the room is number one. For some, they like the alone time to prepare to take the stage. It’s a ‘getting in the zone’ moment. When I get the chance, luckily that’s often for me, my favourite part of being in the Green Room is watching the pre performance prep that happens. Everyone is unique and have different rituals. These rituals prepare a performer for their audience. They have received an invitation to perform their craft, their expertise and their talent for an audience.  The play out of the delivery emerges as a performer exits the green room.

Comedians usually want to know how the mood of the room is. They are about to take the stage with the intention of making the room laugh…a lot. Knowing what you are walking into allows them to gage the jokes their are going to start their set with.

Speakers are very cognizant of time. Is the event on schedule? Is their given time still applicable? Do they need to adjust their flow? Delivering key messages and expert content takes a certain state of flow. Timing is everything.

Drummers always stretch. Period. They are unlike any other musician I’ve spent time watching prepare. They need to. They are driving the bus. Their performance is physically enduring so not only do their minds need to be ready but their bodies do too.

A stage is the place they all play in. The green room is the place where the final moment of thought happens before a performer takes your audience where they need to go.