Energize Your Space

By Samantha Champagne

Do you ever feel sluggish or brain fog during lengthy conferences? We asked our Olympian Karen Furneaux why it is important to keep your audience moving!

Fitness and health-conscious conferences is a new trend that is boosting brain power, and the fun-factor energy of participants during lengthy conference days. Many of our speakers, like Karen incorporate easy movements to keep blood flowing and learning accelerated.

“Fit Breaks are an easy and healthy ‘plug-and-play’ solution that can be incorporated into any conference schedule.  They serve as a healthy, interactive, fun ice-breaker.  The programs can be done in a small area (around conference tables) and participants can be dressed in business or casual attire as there is little risk for a full-on sweat.  The focus is on safe movement improvement,” says Karen.

We live in a world where sitting is a health risk factor in itself and we need to embrace every opportunity to move our bodies and create our health and energy! Focus on proper posture and proactive postural health and core strength.

I Promise Performance, Inc. will bring an energy jolt into your next conference and can help attendees better retain the information, therefore making your meeting more successful with improved outcomes.    Karen Furneaux is a  3-Time Olympian and 2-Time World Champion and winner of over 50 World Cup Medals… she knows performance!