Employee Engagement

By Kimberley King

According to David Zinger, you can keep employee engagement simple by defining it as ‘good work done well with others every day.’  The goal of engagement of employees is to practice suggestions and implement changes that are in mutual agreement. Focusing on employee engagement, your employees can make or break your brand. I believe if your employees are treated well, your organization will flourish.

Pete Luckett is an employee engagement expert; from a one-man band to an employer of over 450+ staff, Pete  has a grassroots approach to employee training.  In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, it is critical for businesses to understand and respect how much power lies in the hands of frontline staff. “Customer service is about doing your job. Customer care is about loving your job,” says Luckett.  “Build a destination workplace that retains and motivates the true ambassadors of your brand!”  Pete now uses this same philosophy at Luckett Vineyards.

Nick Sarillo is another expert who knows the best ways to motivate teams. Nick’s is one of the top ten busiest independent pizza companies in the US with nearly 200 employees. One where employees  love to come to work…and it shows, every day through their performance. Nick believes in the type of system he has built into his purpose driven culture drives motivation in each person. He bases employee salaries on how much training they undertake on their own. It makes the employee in charge of their own personal development & training. How innovative is that?!

Another example, Lululemon is an athletic apparel brand, extremely well known in Canada (expanding rapidly in the US)…without their interaction of their employees, nobody would be buying the $100 Yoga pants. Each of their employees must engage in the sport of Yoga to be considered for employment. With that, they are able to connect directly with their customers. They are able to give them tips, and advice. The engagement with their consumers allows the brand and company to grow beyond just another sport apparel line. They receive immediate feedback from not only their consumers, but their employees. The experience is just that… an experience of community engagement.

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