Disruptive Thinking

By Stephanie Purcell

It’s been said that the future belongs to the disruptors. Do it differently and disrupt the status quo. A different way of thinking… and doing. Staying at a competitive advantage from your competitors in the industry by embodying uniqueness.

I’m a content junkie for Gary Vaynerchuk material who talks about disruptive thinking for entrepreneurs. Gary says, “[Disruptive thinking for Entrepreneurs] It’s a lot of things. Foresight, self-awareness, empathy, intuition, leadership, nimbleness, backbone, basically any characteristic you can think of that would be redeeming in an individual is probably needed. Entrepreneurs are reactionary creatures. Everything around them is shifting and changing as such a speed that they only have time to react and it takes a very specific kind of individual to be good at that”.

Being a disruptive thinker requires radical ideas and implementation to change in the way we view and create the future. Think different…do different and leave your competitors scrambling to catch up. Disruptive thinking can be learned… but you have to want to learn.

“The constant for me is; if I work really hard, which is always automatic, will I crush everybody that’s doing it? That’s what I look for.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Consumer demands are changing every day, be the reason for the change. Failure is not fatal, and if you’re a good disruptive thinker, you’ll turn it on its head for the positive.

Summing it up with Gary’s new fashionable word – ‘Hustle’ – it gets the job done!