Dealing with Disasters

By Kimberley King

Event disasters occur all the time, in every industry, some controllable, others not. What happens when you are days, or even hours away from the event, and everything you had planned for starts to crumble? The success of your event is placed on your shoulders, forcing you to act quickly and take the time to fix the disasters, among all the other details you have to worry about.

Working with a professional partner to secure your speakers gives peace of mind and an added line of defence.  If things go sideways during the event coordination process, you can rely on our expertise to find a solution- fast!  

Using a speakers bureau to secure talent for your events ensures that booking speakers and entertainment for your event is the easiest part of your planning process. From developing creative programming ideas to managing contracts to arranging logistics and travel plans, our teams are experts.

Should an unforeseen circumstance take place,  the benefit associated with the close relationships we have developed with our speakers over the years gives you inside access to their schedules. We are your Plan, B!  Here are some safety precautions to take for your next event:

Travel, Delays & Weather

Mother Nature is extremely good at last minute surprises.. Whether it is a record breaking snow storm coming in, or torrential rain downpour, your event may be stalled.  We are always monitoring weather to ensure our talent arrives on-time and in the best mind set for your event. Particularly in winter, we always encourage adding “wiggle” time to any travel schedule. Delays are very likely to happen, especially when it comes to airport chaos. Keep track of your speaker or entertainers flight route; that way if there’s a delay, you can try to accommodate the change without it being last minute.

Illness & Cancellations

Although it would be nice if there was a magic pill that cured any illness, there isn’t, and getting sick or last minute delays are unavoidable. A speaker cancelling last minute disrupts the whole flow of the event, and panic sets in for the planner. Whether it is a speaker or entertainer,  have someone in mind who is available to take over as a replacement. Planning ahead is a must in the event industry. A Bureau partner can deliver these recommendations with lightning speed- our contacts are invaluable in these instances.

At LimeLight, we focus on being a caring partner during the entire event process. Save the stress of handling everything alone… that’s why we’re here.