Danishes Be Damned

By Stephanie Purcell

Let’s be truthful for a moment… that tray of sugary filled danishes are deceiving to the eye. They look like they might be delicious but truth be told I’m thinking they come from a frozen package and really don’t taste all that great. Don’t get me wrong, I love an almond filled croissant laced with sugary goodness… when it’s handmade at a local bakery… Can I have a Two if by Sea shout out!? But what you’re going to find at the latest conference centre on a tray is really not worth the empty calories and not ideal for your audience. They sure are tempting at the coffee break but I’m going to make my stand to say…”Don’t even bother!” From someone who has been to their fair share of events, how nice it would be to see healthier alternatives ordered.

Here’s why:

Productivity! Conferences bring together an audience to create ideas, implement goals and present achievements. It’s a busy time. Sometimes you’re eating something because you’re too busy to get access to anything of quality. Eating healthy keeps that beautiful machine in your head alert for the day’s activities. This is important so the productivity of your attendees stays high. During coffee breaks consider having nutritional snacks available for everyone. Choose options that have natural sugars such as whole or cut up fruit, veggie trays or healthy kitchen made cereal bars. Remove the sugar crash and get on board with the healthy alternatives.

Allergies. Placing a catering order is way more taxing on the food service industry than it was even 10 years ago. I get that it’s challenging how many menu items chefs have to come up with! Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free, sugar free… I could go on. The reality is that it’s a new world order. It’s becoming an increasing trend that people are more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies. Catering suppliers are offering these options to clients to accommodate the masses, so take the opportunity and place the order. Do you know the appreciation of someone with an allergy to be served a quality alternative? Quality options = Rave City!! You will be loved. Being on the road, and living out of a hotel for a few days often has individuals craving for nutritious food options. The opportunity to eat healthy if you are a delegate, part of the conference team or the talent you’re putting on stage means so much. Try it! Your people will thank you for it!