AV Smarts

By Stephanie Purcell

When I’m working on an event and enter the room, the most important person for me is the Audio Visual Tech. This is the person that’s key to controlling what the audience is going to see and hear. They are going to help make or break the show. Of course the talent on stage are ultra-important but behind the scenes making sure all the technology works is the professional at the board. Through the years I’ve made friends with a  lot of techs. I learned early on that if you give these people respect, you will get the hustle out of them to make for a great event.

There’s three rules to keep in mind:

Respect: If you’re a pro working on an event, the likeliness is that the sound crew are pros too. Find out their names and introduce yourself, shake hands… be professional. There’s no need of a : “Hey, sound guy!” Respect given = respect received.

Get on the same page: Working together for a successful event is way better than going it alone. Do a check in early with the crew and review the run sheet for the event. All the players in an event should be working from the same script. The sound technician knows the room, knows the equipment and knows the expectations.

Be Nice: I know. What a concept! Build a working relationship that will benefit you all at future events. AV techs are usually the first ones in and the last ones out. Props to them! Let them know you appreciate their hard work in making your event the best it can be.

In the business of live events, stay AV Smart and it will deliver some great value!