Alternative Seating at your next event

By Samantha Champagne

As summer (slowly) gets going, some events are taking place and others are being prepared for the fall and winter event season. Keeping your audience engaged is the priority in any event, whether you’re selling a product, an idea, or a service.

Comfortability: Uncomfortable seating, no matter how good the presentation, will suffer your overall success. Sitting through a presentation on those fold down plastic grey chairs really disrupts anyone’s ability to concentrate. We’re all counting the minutes until we can get up and walk around to gain circulation back into our legs and behind. Let’s start to focus on the comfortability of the audience!

Communication: The overall satisfaction of the presentation, including how comfortable your audience is will have a lasting impact on the message you’re promoting. Alternative forms of seating will allow for better communication among the audience itself, and with the presenter. Alternative seating can also gain more audience participation by adding to the overall vibe of the event. Seating arrangements can turn out to be conversation starters!

Uniqueness: Let’s be honest, presentations and certain events can be quite drab and predictable to the other dozens of events we have to attend throughout the year. Using alternative seating will resonate in the audience mind’s for years. I would certainly remember any event that allowed me to sit on jumbo pillows, couches, or even medicine balls! Everyone strives to be unlike the rest in their industry… why not start with a simple alternative seating plan?

Formatting: Working alongside your presenter, deciding on proper formatting can make a world of difference. Properly arranging your alternative seating will ensure comfortability, can entice audience communication, and will certainly add uniqueness to your event. Do not leave seating arrangements last on your checklist, it’s an important decision that influences the overall effectiveness of your event.

The following article by Biz Bash shows great photos of alternative seating and how it can be the deciding factor when it comes to the satisfaction of any audience.