7 Reasons to convert your upcoming event to a Virtual Event Experience   

By Kimberley King

You have an event planned that was going to take place in 2020.  In person meetings & events are now banned for the foreseeable future. What do you do? Before you cancel or move your event to 2021, consider taking your meeting on-line. Our industry is working hard to help clients pivot and keep events on the calendar this year.  While there are many ways to reference a digital or remote event… I prefer to use the term Virtual Event Experience or VEE for short (everyone loves an acronym!)  These events are as strategic and customized as a live event would be… and they have the potential to increase audience reach while connecting with your audiences at a time when bridging home life and work life is crucial.

  1. People Crave Connection. In a perfect world, we’d all be meeting Face-2-Face. But since that’s not possible right now, we are fortunate to have technology that can bring our minds and hearts together! More than ever, your employees, your members and your people need insight, education, motivation and an opportunity to commune with their workplace or industry peeps.
  2. People need Courageous Leadership. This is an incredible opportunity to bring leadership and keynote expertise together to provide messaging that is important for so many reasons. The world of virtual events is new to many- but it’s a perfect time to adapt to this digital delivery format. We may need to deliver virtual events for the foreseeable future.  And even when we are back meeting in person, it may be with the use of hybrid events.
  3. People need Continuity. The best leaders make their people feel safe. With so much change, unpredictability and cancellations in so many aspects of our work life and home life- sending a clear message from an industry, association or leadership team is powerful. You can’t over communicate during a time of crisis and unrest. Don’t delay your event- take it to your people now!
  4. Meet people Where they are. Home base is where most people are holding down both life and work. So, bring your event to them. There is a huge opportunity to expand the reach of your event to those who wouldn’t normally participate, or be able to travel. Depending upon the content of your event, there could be elements that family, spouses and even children can take in. We invest a huge amount of time and energy in our events. Maximize your reach and spread your event love far and wide!
  5. Remember your Event Goals. You had a very compelling set of reasons for investing in your conference.  Can these outcomes wait 6-12-18 months to take place? Many Spring events have been moved to the Fall, and yet it is unlikely public health orders will be lifted by then.Your speakers are booked, your agenda is set– consider how you can take this content and shape into a digital delivery, without delay.
  6. Believe in the Power of Customization. Right now, we are all participating in many free webinars and Zoom meetings. While valuable, this content has not been custom curated for your audience. Virtual Event Experiences are different. They are powerful; and they are targeted. With robust on-line platforms, you can incorporate CEO messaging, sponsor recognition, live polls, integrate event apps, and even gamification.
  7. People Crave Connection. Did I mention that? 😉  Now more than ever.