2016 Hot Summer Reads

By LimeLight Group

Summer is finally upon us and brings opportunities to do things that we don’t get to do the rest of the year. Things like reading a book at the beach; reading a book in a hammock; reading a book on a sunny deck. I’m feeling ready to soak up some rays and soak up some knowledge too!

My #1 read has got to be #AskGaryVee. I’ll be honest, I’m in a bit of debate whether I’m purchasing the book or the audio book because I LOVE a good Gary rant!  I’ve been watching the show since the beginning. He’s radical and not afraid to tell it like he sees it. If you’re wondering what it’s about,  the best description I’ve read is “Gary presents practical, timely, and timeless advice on marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and everything else you’ve been afraid to ask but are dying to know.”

As I lay on the beach I’m dreaming of reading Andrew Davis’ book Town Inc. “Grow your business. Save your town. Leave your legacy!” Andrew is one of my all-time favourite speakers I’ve ever had the opportunity to see. You want to drink in all his messages. The book is about a simple link between building a booming business and growing a prosperous town. He’s an amazing storyteller and the book is chalk full of great examples. Town INC explores the notion that something as simple as an audacious claim has a positive economic impact on a community. A claim is created by simply filling in the following blanks:  Our city is the __________ capital of the world. What’s your city famous for?

And my third book is going to be Arianna Huffington’s newest book The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. She explains “We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis”. We all know that is true. So many of us aren’t getting enough sleep. The reviews on this book sound fascinating and I can’t wait to start getting more ZZZZZ’s…maybe even at the beach!