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Vik Maraj

Edmonton, Alberta

What Vik is Passionate About

From Change to Transformation: One Gives a Better Yesterday; The Other, an Entirely New Future 

It sounds strange but, there are very few corporate change efforts that have ever failed. That is because change accomplishes exactly what it is designed for – making a better yesterday. This talk was born out of thousands of hours of performance coaching and consulting with organizations committed to their own reinvention. 99% of all change management efforts produce a modified version of what already exists in the organization. And organizations hope that these incremental performance gains will carry the day against the unprecedented pace at which local and global environments are shifting.

The deck chairs are shuffled, strategic plans are drawn up, GAP and SWOT analyses are done, yellow stickies litter the walls, and new visions are word-smithed until everyone’s head hurts; all this in hopes of some marginal increase in profitability or service. And if we tell the truth about it – not many results or KPI’s will really change in the coming year. And this continues to happen in board rooms or retreats around the world in spite of its proven ineffectiveness.

Why? Answer: Few leaders are successfully dealing with their culture.

As Peter Drucker eloquently put it, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And change is incapable of effectively addressing culture – at best change management deals with the products of the culture: process, roles, physical space, and behaviour. It does not confront the fundamental DNA of the organization, hence:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – Alphonse Karr

So how do you beat this predictable trap? Answer: Transformation NOT more Change.

So then, what’s the difference? Transformation is not “better” change. Transformation produces a “wake up” an “aha”. It reveals what you have not been able to see that has limiteded your view of success and of life. The result is an altered state. From Change to Transformation will describe a unique pathway for accessing breakthrough thinking in which:

– new possibilities emerge

– new actions become obvious

– new conversations start

– new behaviours become natural, and

– a whole new future becomes real

What will become possible form this talk is:

– Creation, Aliveness, and Purpose – REAL Purpose – starts to course through the veins of your organization.

– Employees naturally begin to act in ways that fulfill a new future that inspires every one of them.

– Business results move from incremental to breakthrough levels

The organization will have a new problem – the problem of being a leader in territory no one has charted before.

Being Unstoppable: Mastering Conversations which Impact THE Most Difficult People 

At some point in your career you will encounter other people that you are not designed to deal with. They will stretch you to the limits of your emotional and intellectual capacity – and break you. Break you in the sense that you will stop being yourself around them. And you will spend more and more time not being you until – not being you IS YOU! And you will predictably become resigned (pretend it doesn’t matter), avoiding, reactive, despondent, or forceful when dealing with them. And you will spend incredible amounts of time in your own head thinking about these people, plotting against them, and playing out fantasies about taking them on. And some of you will spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about them.

“Coaching difficult people is the most critical skill for leaders to master,” – Chris Argyris (Guru of Organizational Behaviour)

Here’s the good news: No one is designed to deal with them. They are not ordinary people. When you engage these people everything you know to be true about yourself vanishes and you are left fighting against your own physiology to act effectively. Now, what if it were possible to:

– distinguish and put to rest the triggers that activate you

– be powerful and unflinching in the face of anyone’s conversation

– say things that will derail their predictable speaking pattern and

– generate a completely unexpected outcome from historically broken relationships?

What would that level of “unmessability” and power be worth? What would that kind of readily accessible skill make available for your career and your life? The opportunity of this one realm of organizational and personal performance is incalculable.

This talk will leave you with an opening for power well beyond what talking tips, formulas, active listening, and personality profiling can provide. It will leave you with a profound understanding of where you limit yourself in these conversations and present a pathway out; leaving you naturally invulnerable to these difficult people. And once your unique triggers for these difficult people is actually identified, they will lose their grip – giving you a whole new ability to coach them and others around them and undo the havoc they have been wreaking.

History-Making Teams: Aligning Smart People Who Don’t Think Alike 

Our systems produce smart individuals. The paradox of smart individuals is that they are often challenged to be a smart group. We then have organizations, institutions, governments that are filled with people who have high levels of personal performance. At the same time the world has massively reorganized itself and new performance outcomes are required to be effective; performance outcomes that demand individuals come together to produce ideas and innovations that no one of them can generate alone – much less implement alone.

In the absence of being able to unlearn the “me or you” mindset, we then look to motivational gimmicks, personality tools, team formulas about storming and norming, and other compensations for our lack of ability to be with different people with different views. All of these tools and models take effort to understand and master and produce incremental gains at best – if you can remember them.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

What if you could just remove what was in the way versus working around it? What if it were possible to dissolve the artificial barriers to collective action and rapidly rehabilitate people’s natural drive to accomplish together? Teams of animal certainly don’t need to know each other’s personality, profile, or “score” – why would we? When’s the last time you saw a team of ants exchanging their “colours” or a goose gripe about leading?

This talk will:

– annihilate what you consider “best practice” for team building and

– open up a whole new dimension to the understanding of team that will

– rapidly, deeply, and sustainable give you access to authentic and natural collaboration

In this talk you will have to confront if your team is just here to make money – or here to make history.

Why You Need Vik

Although Vik had been working with organizations for years, in 2008 he participated in the Landmark Forum which deliver a powerful “wake up” that left him with a penetrating insight into his taken-for-granted views that limited his life and what was possible.

Within the process of his own transformation he realized what it takes to make a REAL difference in others.

Vik has been speaking on, teaching, facilitating, coaching and leading game-changing conversations for over 13 years. He has dramatically shifted governments, corporations, boards, non-profits and teams of people.

His clients have ranged from the United Way to the United Nations; from the First Nations of Nunavut to the Government of Dubai. He has broken a deadlocked $4 Billion international impasse on carbon capture and taught hostage negotiation to the RCMP. At the most human level, Vik has permanently and positively transformed the relationships, quality of life and futures of communities, organizations and families.

He has a masters degree in molecular and cell biology, is trained in high stakes conflict, ontology, group behaviour, neuro-linguistic programing, and the use of language systems in shaping human thinking and behaviour. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of a now 200+ person international education design company.
Most impressive of all, Vik can wiggle his little toes independent of his other toes and apologizes for self-aggrandizing biographies written in the third person that are clearly authored by the subject of said biography!

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Why You Will Love Vik

“His talk centered on the idea that we need to be game-changing. He used the metaphor of a child learning to walk to make his point, saying that we need to “start trying to walk, and stop trying not to fall” if we want to be successful. His talk was full of great one-liners…He was a great speaker, and was the right choice to lead off the day.”

Mack Male
Critic of TEDx Edmonton

“Vik challenged everyone in the room to take a look at education in a new light…[students] knowing more and more about less and less…I have the feeling that Mr. Maraj will be a name we hear more about in the future. He took 5000 of us to the cutting edge of education and invited us to do the same in our classrooms.”

John McGettigan
Saskatoon Teachers Association

“Vik is…top notch and a visionary scientific talent. He has a masterful mind and provides brilliant insights into human behavior, change management, restructuring, reorganizing, priorities, goal setting, discovering hidden talents, gaining perspective, and tapping into leadership skills to get things done…”

Dean Pickering
Business Development Manager, Bellamy Software – MicroAge

“This is not…about skills. This is a journey to explore the roots of good and true conversation.”

Kara Stokke
Chartered Mediator

“It’s changed things in my whole approach in asking for what I need and want. I’ve become unflappable and there is real wisdom to be gained.”

C. Parker
Edmonton, AB

“This…is a compelling leadership solution that understands and addresses the multiple complexities and passions involved in breakthrough innovation, be it personal or professional.”

Omar Y.
Sustainability Architect

“I would recommend this for all those seeking a new path to finding personal happiness. Vik Maraj…did a marvelous job at guiding our group to new levels of awareness of our blind spots.”

Mark Anielski
Economist and Author, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth

“I recommend this… to anyone ready to find the root causes holding them back in life or work, to dig deep and address why, then develop a practical plan to move forward and make it happen…”

S. Posadziejewski
Chief Information Officer

“Thank you so much for sending that Vik! I truly appreciated your presentation. It really altered the way I look at our charity and how we are doing things. I am working hard to see the water we are in… your comments about our true values and our values in survival mode were particularly poignant! In a very short time, you have really influenced my perspective! I cannot thank you enough for such a great presentation!”

Terri Duncan MSLP, R.SLP
Executive Director, Children's Autism Services of Edmonton


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