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Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Financial Services Education Expert
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Stephanie is Passionate About

Cash Flow Planning Workshop for Financial Professionals 

(Half Day Financial Services Professionals ONLY)

Join Stephanie Holmes-Winton of The Money Finder for this half day workshop on Cash Flow Planning. Come ready to work through a real case. This interactive session will allow you to ask questions, delve into real world cash flow problems and learn how a Cash Flow Plan will keep you top-of-mind with your clients!

Attend this half day program and learn:

– An effective alternative to budgeting
– How to select the ideal client for Cash Flow Planning
– Work through a real case
– Build on your cash flow skills
– How to begin doubling your income now!

Fund Your Dreams with a Cash Flow Plan! 

(Public Presentation)

Stephanie Holmes-Winton shows how Cash Flow Planning will allow you to live the life you want with the money you have!

– Do you feel like you make great income but that you should get more from it?
– Do you feel like your personal finances are all product, and no plan?
– Would you like to find a way to fund your dreams and get more life from the money you have?

– On average, a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ can find an extra $2500/month for each client through Cash Flow Planning.
– A change in your net worth can often be measured in as little as 60 days
– Save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest.

Money Mindsets 

(Public Presentation)

Stephanie Holmes-Winton’s audience will be given the tools to discover their very own Money Mindsets including the quiz and a detailed write-up on all 7 personalities so they can learn more about themselves. It’s key for financial professionals to know their own Money Mindsets and to be able to recognize the different ways in which their clients think about money.

– Learn how spending and financial decisions are often driven by instinct

– Discover the driving force behind your financial decisions and how to act in your own best interest

– How does your personality dictate your spending habits? You may be surprised.

The Healthy Financial Philosophy 

(Public Presentation)

Stephanie is an expert on personal money management, and the development of healthy financial philosophy. She educates financial professionals in order to help them allow their clients to avoid making “fear based financial decisions”. Stephanie believes when you make a fear based decision you are sure to find scary results. Showing people that money is less about math and more about meaning helps Stephanie lead the way to lasting financial change. Audiences large and small come away with practical actions to find continued success, as well as a greater understanding of their own personal financial behavior.

Why You Need Stephanie

Stephanie Holmes-Winton is CEO of The Money Finder and creator of The Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ Designation—a program for financial professionals that enables their clients to harness the power of Cash Flow Planning and make the most out of the money they already have. In other words, The Money Finder training funds client’s dreams! Holmes-Winton is the author of two books on spending and debt, and she regularly appears on television with her own segment, “Money Matters.”

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Why You Will Love Stephanie

“I read Stephanie’s book $pent, which is the first book I have EVER read cover to cover. I could not put it down. I thought about how it could help my family and many of the things she talked about were bang on (Money Mindsets) for both my wife and I. It helped me understand that people think about money differently than I do, and that has helped me better communicate with my clients—so that I can still get the point across, but in a way that speaks to other people’s needs.”

Daniel Frost
The Frost Group, Alberta

“I heard Stephanie in her early days on a CBC radio interview. She was expressing her frustration on the lack of education on how to “spend” our money appropriately. I thought, finally – someone to provide advisors with the tools to provide advice.”

Judy Martens
Lighthouse Money Management Ontario

“I attended a Manulife Bank seminar in Peterborough where Stephanie was featured. By the end of the seminar, I had decided this was just what I was looking for—an innovative, planning-focused way to approach clients. Consequently, I registered there and then for the training because I knew if this was the way forward, I needed to buy in right away.”

Brian Morton
BriMor Financial, Ontario

“Stephanie and her Cash Flow management expertise has had a huge impact on my life, and also on the lives of my clients. The value she brings to the table, by creating the very first Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ Designation, is unmatched. I highly recommend Stephanie. She has made me a better advisor.”

John Osborne
Wise Advisory Group, Ontario

“What really attracted me to the designation, was listening to Stephanie’s presentation on Cash Flow Training. All of the things she spoke about resonated with me, and reminded me of the days before I became a financial advisor. I too walked into banks, hoping someone would give me the magic formula to save money. I too thought that when I spoke with an advisor, that I would receive financial advice pertaining to debt management, and find a way to retire early. I too had gone into banks, refinanced debt, only to rack up more. I too felt that every time I went to the bank, they were quick to sell me something, but I’d feel like I’d accomplished nothing when I left. So instantly I felt I wanted to take the designation as it made sense to me as a person, not just as a financial advisor.”

Shauna Ratchford
Freedom 55 Financial, Nova Scotia


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