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Peter Chapman

Retail Marketer
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Peter is Passionate About


Peter will take you behind the closed doors of retailers to help you understand their priorities. What is important to retailers, what are they doing and what should you do about it as a supplier? Experience the magic of your item getting on the shelf and in the shopping cart. Peter has a true passion for sharing insights, strategies and stories from over 25 years in food retailing.

Participants will leave with:
– A real understanding of what retailers think and how they make decisions
– Key areas of focus today and in the future
– Peter’s recipe for success to fill the shopping cart


The retail landscape is changing all the time. Walmart continues to march across Canada and Costco is adding square footage. The traditional retailers are trying to adapt and differentiate. The consumer is changing faster than ever. Where do your products fit? Producers put a lot of emphasis on the end user and some times forget the key relationship with their primary customer, the retailer. You need to understand both customers.

Participants will leave with:
– A thorough understanding of Canadian retailers and consumers
– Retailer’s perception of your industry
– Peter’s top 10 ideas to appeal to retailers and consumers


Learn how you can make the most of the face time you get with the retailers and how to stand out from the crowd. Peter has been there, he understands how it works. Your interactions with the retailers will be incredibly productive when you can talk their language. Key relationships you have with the retailers are invaluable to growing your sales. Peter can help you navigate through these relationships and get your product in the shopping cart!

Participants will leave with:
– Insight into building better relationships with retailers
– A format to conduct your own category review
– 10 sources of information about the retailers


Shopping carts are a significant investment for retailers. If your audience consists of retailers, store managers or franchisees, Peter will help them increase the return on investment from those shopping carts. Ideas, sales programs and many real life examples will help them fill the shopping carts. Working in retail is hard work, make it pay off with Peter’s experience and practical solutions.

Participants will leave with:
– Practical ideas to generate sales in your specific environment
– Programs that can be measured
– Peter’s top 10 ideas to get an ROI from your shopping carts

Why You Need Peter

Getting your product in shopping carts is what it’s all about. Peter Chapman works with producers, processors and retailers to fill shopping carts with their products.

Prior to working with producers, processors and industry associations, Peter worked for 19 years with Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaws. Peter was responsible for produce, floral, lawn & garden, deli, home meal replacement, seafood and bakery in Atlantic Canada.

Peter shares real life experiences from over 25 years in the food industry. Peter has considerable experience – from developing products, building relationships with suppliers throughout the supply chain, to retail merchandising.

Peter will take you behind the scenes and up and down the aisles with the ultimate goal to get more items in the shopping cart.

Peter Chapman understands the food industry. Benefit from this valuable insight as Peter helps you navigate in the marketplace and get your items in to the shopping cart of the consumer more often.

An in-depth knowledge of the retail landscape and consumers is a real benefit to suppliers and retailers who want to grow their sales. Peter has considerable experience – from developing relationships with suppliers throughout the supply chain, to retail merchandising. Look for Peter’s new book à la cart, a supplier’s guide to retailers’ priorities.

Peter speaks to audiences of producers, processors, industry associations, store managers and retailers. He has helped all of these groups with their business challenges. Peter is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and currently sits on the national board of directors.

Peter’s company, GPS Business Solutions, provides services to producers and retailers who want to increase their sales. Prior to starting GPS Business Solutions, Peter worked for 19 years with Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaw. He held positions in various departments, including merchandising, marketing, advertising and real estate.

Your organization will benefit from Peter’s passion for driving sales. His speeches and workshops include many real examples of what is happening in retail today. Go up and down the aisles of the store and behind the closed doors of the retailers with Peter to understand how to maximize the opportunity. The ultimate goal is to get more items in to the shopping cart.

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Why You Will Love Peter

“A la cart is a must read for anyone remotely involved in the retail grocery business. I am applying your advice in my business plan, your wisdom has provided clarity and focus.”

Murray Ratuski
Shoal Lake Wild Rice Company

“We invited Peter to speak at our conference to provide our attendees an idea of how the world of retailers operates. Peter was a dynamic and informative speaker and his was hands down the most talked about presentation at our conference. The attendees gained insight and a greater understanding of the issues and constraints under which retailers are currently operating.

We cannot stress enough how much we enjoyed Peter’s presentation and we wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker.”

33RD Annual Western Nutrition Conference planning committee

“Peter provided our Fall meeting with the perfect message, in the perfect medium, in just the right amount of time. He combined physical examples of how one industry has experienced change through the years and applied that example to our industry in a thoughtful and provocative way. Everyone was talking about the relevance to our situation and how pleased they were about our choice for a guest speaker. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for this kind of an outcome”.

Geoff Irvine
Lobster Council of Canada

“The first time we worked with Peter, we were blown away by not only the extent of the knowledge he shared but also the true dedication he showed in providing us training beyond our expectations. We’ve been fortunate to work with him a number of times since, and he has proven to be a truly valuable resource for us and our members. His insight has helped companies find the right path – and get their products onto retail shelves and into shoppers’ carts.”

Lisa Groen
Program Manager, Industry Training & Development, Manitoba Food Processors Association


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