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Mark Black

Motivation, Peak Performance and Resilience Expert
Moncton, New Brunswick

What Mark is Passionate About

The Resilience Road Map™ 

If your organization is struggling to cope with the fast page of change, the Resilience Roadmap is the program you need. In this presentation Mark provides the strategic framework your organization needs to develop Radical Resilience in your people.

This program will help you:

– Decrease employee absenteeism
– Eliminate excuses and whining
– Increase productivity
– Improve morale
– Enhance company culture

The Resilience Roadmap provides your company with the strategic framework your organization needs to help your employees develop Radical Resilience.

Live Today™ 

Do people in your organization struggle with worry and anxiety? Are you losing productivity and are people wasting time and energy because they are focused on the great “unknown”? Live Today will fix that!

Live Today is simple but powerful formula for helping your people to accept their current situation and focus on their most precious resources – time and energy – on the things that move the needle.

– Eliminate Complaining and Excuses
– Help Your People Focus on What Matters
– Provide the Catalyst to Create Change

Go Big 

Your organization has an incredible vision for where you are headed. The future is bright, the stakes are high.

There’s just one problem; no one under the CEO really BELIEVES in the vision. You know that without buy-in from EVERYONE, you have no chance of rising to the heights that are possible.

What to do? Book Mark Black.

In “Go Big” Mark will use his life story of battling life-threatening disease, surviving a Heart & Double-Lung Transplant, to become a 4-time marathon runner, to help them see that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and that we are more limited by our perceptions than anything else.

Key Learning Objectives:

– Learn how to stretch individual and organizational vision
– Re-frame perceived obstacles and challenges
– Map out a step by step plan for your success
– How to handle doubters and naysayers

Why You Need Mark

Mark Black, CSP is a Resilience Expert, Heart and Double-Lung Transplant Recipient 4-Time Marathon Runner, Author and Life-Strategy Coach. Mark doesn’t just deliver speeches, he creates unforgettable audience experiences.

Born with a congenital heart defect, Mark barely survived his first week of life. Hours after delivery, Mark was on a helicopter being flown to a children’s hospital for dangerous open-heart surgery.

Fortunately, Mark survived that surgery and another one like it a year later. But for 23 years, Mark battled the symptoms and setbacks of congenital heart disease. Then, in April of 2001, Mark was faced with the biggest challenge of his life. Mark’s condition had deteriorated significantly. Doctors gave him less than two years to live.

May was placed on the heart-lung transplant waiting list. With his condition continually worsening, in April 2002, he was admitted to hospital where he would stay until he got a transplant, or until he died. Fortunately, on September 7th, 2002, after staying a six month stay in hospital,, Mark received a life-saving heart and double-lung transplant.

In the years since that day, Mark has beaten all the odds and uses his new gift of life to inspire people to “live life with passion and purpose”. Mark’s presentations have now inspired nearly 60,000 people across North America and his book “Live Life from the Heart” has become an Amazon best-seller.

Founder of Adversus Communications, Mark has impacted the lives of more than 100,000 people through more than 350 presentations across North America. His clients include: Toyota, Amway, SunLife Financial and many more.

Mark shares more than just a powerful message when he steps on the stage; he shares himself. Maybe that’s why everyone who hears him speak is touched in a profound way. He has been called, “the best speaker I have ever heard” and “simply amazing”. Mark’s message is simple, “Live today with all of your heart, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.”

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Why You Will Love Mark

“We really enjoyed Marks presentation and his approach- -so much so that we bought books on the spot for everyone after hearing him speak!   He had a lot of emotion telling his stories. Big takeaways for me: think on the positive;  use the experience of hardships in your life to better yourself and when setting a  goal—focus on steps—not the obstacles.  We are really pleased with the service LimeLight offers as well. I expect to be in touch next year to book a speaker for our next annual meeting.”

Blair Corey, B.B.A
Corey Insurance Services

“I was extremely pleased with Mark’s talk at out event; it was excellent!!

The fact that Mark was 100% authentic and real instead of sharing a bunch of clichés everyone has heard before, made his a presentation I won’t soon forget.

Sometimes “motivational speakers” do little more than entertain. Mark entertained, but he also provide tangible strategies and concepts that people could APPLY immediately which is even more valuable.”

Dan Fougere
Regional Manager, Astrazeneca

“Of all of the speakers our company has ever hired, Mark Black has been the one who had the biggest impact on our staff.”

Goguen Champlain Insurance

“You often hear of people who have stories to tell and can deliver a message however I must say Mark had the package. Mark’s message is profound and I’d recommend every organization to have Mark in to speak to their people.”

Royal Bank of Canada

“The thing that made Mark’s presentation particularly valuable to our members was that he had clearly done his homework on us. Mark was able to make relevant connections between his story and our professional and personal lives.”

Darrin Greenlee
Past President, Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals

“I’ve been with the company since the beginning thirty years ago. We have had many speakers… Mark was among the best.”

John White
Founder and President, Winmar


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