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Joe Sherren

Author, Speaker, and Trainer
Cape Traverse, Price Edward Island

What Joe is Passionate About


We all have untapped potential within us. Even though we try everyday to be the best we can be, the habits of daily life get in the way of realizing our true potential. In this thought-provoking session, Joe outlines the six “forces of energy” successful people employ to take control of their time and life.

This requires a reassessment of our vision and goals, and balancing how we spend our time and altering our approach to physical, emotional and intellectual health. Only by maintaining a focus on what we really want in our lives, can we prioritize our activities to maximize time and energy to achieve the success, wealth and happiness we all deserve.

Harness Your Personal ENERGY to Achieve Full Potential

Exercise – Routines and habits of the most successful people
Nutrition – Making healthy choices by breaking destructive habits
Emotion – Releasing pent-up feelings to maximize your strength
Relaxing – The unbelievable benefits of naps and connecting with nature
Goal Setting – Major studies and real life stories to inspire personal action
Yeudaimonia – A genetic level of desired happiness we aspire to

Each area is explored and discussed in Joe’s unique blend of common sense, real life workplace experience and scientific evidence. You will explore each of these ENERGY areas and find nuggets of wisdom that will be meaningful and useful for you.

Managers are from Mars – Employees are from Venus 

In a galaxy not long ago, managers did the telling and employees did the doing. It was a simple structure and easy to follow. But in today’s inter-generational workplace, many managers feel that staff are operating on a different planet. Workers today are viewed as being spoiled and do not demonstrate a real work ethic.

Nothing could be further from the truth. On one hand, the new breed of employees are skeptical because they have seen their parent’s loyalty rewarded with uncertainty, “rightsizing” and layoffs. On the other hand, they are optimistic about managing their own careers. They respect workplace protocols, corporate structure and take work seriously. At the same time they also want to have fun, crave more knowledge, seek instant gratification, are motivated by collaboration and desire a work-life balance. They bring loyalty, but for different reasons and in a different way than before.

However, our current corporate cultures are not structured to capitalize on this new breed of employee. Most leaders have been conditioned to manage people using a style that may have worked in the past, but will not work on these new “generationals”.

In his forward-thinking session, Joe Sherren will help you understand the mindset of these new employees and discover how you can shift your own mental attitude to ensure long-term success. He will show you how to develop a culture that will attract and retain the best and brightest – no matter what planet you may feel they are from.

The Birds - Creating Communication Connections 

In this rapidly changing hi-tech world, we must be even more vigilant about maintaining responsive communications with all the “diverse” people who are important to our success.

This highly interactive, thought-provoking session will help you develop awareness and skills that will increase the effectiveness of communications with a wider range of individuals and reduce conflict and misunderstandings.

To maximize your potential and communicate more efficiently with employees, management, team members, clients and in personal relationships, you must adapt to the communication style that is most beneficial for them to better process your information and messages.

Through interaction and role-play, you will identify and develop strategies to strengthen your communication style in areas where you may be personally challenged. You will also develop a better understanding of the normal or usual reactions that others exhibit in different situations, which will enable you to use alternate responses and tactics.

Session Outcome:
Participants will be able to recognize, through a variety of means, the communication style that will be most effective with individuals they are attempting to motivate. As well, attendees will gain the ability to predict a pattern of response and react in a more positive and influential manner.

Creating a Collaborative Culture 

In a competitive environment, where speed and responsiveness are critical, we need to move decision-making closer to the customer. When employees are empowered with responsibility and ownership to make the decisions necessary to do their work efficiently, job fulfillment increases and customers are more satisfied. Pride and accomplishment are powerful motivators and form the essence of successful teamwork.

Self-managed work teams require more than lip service to a popular management concept; they require appropriate education and the opportunity to succeed. Through team participation exercises, participants develop an understanding of their organizations’ readiness to adopt a new working relationship and review their own attitudes toward change.

This seminar will explore the keys to developing successful self-managed teams and through team participation exercises will review the individual qualities necessary for effective teamwork. Participants will develop skills that enable professionals to lead self-motivated individuals who actively participate as a team in the decision-making process.

This program will also help determine any additional training that may be necessary for the success of your organization, and will form the basis for a variety of on-going educational interventions.

Session Objectives:
– To understand organizational structures as they relate to teams
– To create team-focused working styles and teambuilding behaviours
– To create a model for effective decision-making with your organization
– To understand the typical phases of change, explore the feelings associated with change and identify personal strategies to deal with it
– To develop a method to harness the collective potential of all your employees.

What Ever Happened To Right And Wrong? 

Should the success of an individual be measured by how much material wealth they have gained, or how good a person they are? Should the success of an organization be measured only by the bottom line, or also by the good they have contributed to society? Being ethical involves more that staying out of trouble. We all have within our character the ability to be a very good and noble person.

This session is designed to help you identify ethically sensitive situations, apply critical thinking skills and make tough choices which require skills of moral reasoning. You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of fuzzy thinking by realizing there is a difference between opportunity and temptation. You will also understand how our value systems and thinking styles affect the choices we make.

Session Objectives:
– Experience how our personal value systems affect the choices we make
– Learn how individual thinking styles provides different perspectives on solving dilemmas
– Understand why an organization’s “basic beliefs” must be more than a poster on the wall
– Explore why an organization maintains a code of ethics
– Develop a process to apply the organization’s value(s) in a given situation
– Compare how your personal ethics relate to the organization’s culture and how to resolve potential conflicts.

The Power of YOU! 

Our lives are changing at a faster rate than at any other time in human history. The amount of information in a Saturday issue of the Toronto Star is comparable to that which a person of the sixteenth century would have assimilated throughout a lifetime.
The way we work has been redefined by empowerment, self-managed teams, reengineering, independent contractors and virtual corporations. Unconditional lifetime employment is gone forever. We are all trying to understand and respond to the changes occurring in our workplace and personal lives. At times we feel overwhelmed, however, it is important that we react to these changes in a positive and productive manner.
“The Power of YOU!” will inspire all staff to realize that for organizations to remain successful, they must move to a more flexible, customerfocused, and efficient position. Management must also take advantage of the rapidly changing business environment and develop different communication and leadership methods.

Tomorrow Is Going To Be Amazing - Developing Personal And Professional Directions 

Today’s successful businesses are those which are moving to flexible, customer-focused and proficient positions, taking advantage of the rapidly changing business environment. In order to achieve that, everyone involved must bring more value than cost.
Tomorrow is Going to be Amazing is a dynamic wake-up call which will benefit management in dealing with employee issues and understanding the new loyalty. This unique and powerful keynote will help participants deal with new expectations, shifting priorities, the information explosion and different reporting relationships, where roles are sometimes vaguely defined.
Joe’s inspirational message of change and optimism will enrich those searching for success and personal fulfillment. It will inspire you to believe in who you are, while challenging you to reach for your full potential.

Why You Need Joe

Joseph is the president of Ethos Enterprises Inc and leads a dynamic, high impact seminar that will surely motivate. He covers business growth, development, leadership and sales among many others. An internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer and executive coach, Joe has been delighting audiences with his thought-provoking, interactive and inspirational presentations for over 20 years. Joe teaches powerful techniques designed to identify your thinking style, communication preferences and improve management effectiveness. His sessions will change behaviour and improve your personal and professional life.

Well known for his popular communications program The Birds, Joe has trained thousands of executives and professionals in leadership, coaching, collaboration, customer loyalty, ethics and strategic planning. Joe is also the co-author of Vitamin C for a Healthy Workplace. Vitamin C is designed to help organizations create a constructive work environment, a stress-free collaborative culture and enhance employee performance. Joe believes that success depends on maintaining a positive attitude, setting goals and working towards them with unbending determination. He has achieved his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional,) the highest international designation available in the speaking industry, and has been inducted to the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

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Why You Will Love Joe

“Joe I really enjoyed your course. I’m really looking forward to practicing the coaching and communication techniques you shared. For a new manager these lessons are priceless. I’m sure you’ve saved me a lot of heart ache. My girlfriend and I also enjoyed reading “Vitamin C …” over the weekend and had a lot of fun identifying family and friends – not always easy.All the best with the release of your new book, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.”

Ted Gaudet, MBA PMPPMO
Project Manager, Strategic Growth Support Services, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

“Insightful, experiential, and practical. The course gave me a better understanding of myself personally and myself and others within the context of an organization, the purpose of the leader – “the conductor is the only one that doesn’t make a sound in the orchestra!”, the methods to influence change through people, and a personal action plan to become a more constructive and effective leader. And I had fun learning it with everyone!This came at a time when I really needed it and will set me on a new direction. Thanks.”

“I hired Joe to provide a motivational lecture for my professional organization, Advocis, during our annual educational and sales conference. All of the attendees enjoyed Joe’s presentation very much. His message was highly motivational, and complemented the educational component of our event. He also provided great advice about communication with the client during the sales process. I highly recommend Joe for speaking about anything to do with sales, personal interaction and motivation.”

“In 23 years with this Transport Canada I have taken many good and beneficial courses but Joe Sherren’s course has to be at the very top of that list. What a great course to aid all employees in team building within our great organization.”

Transport Canada

“Joe Sherren left me with an enduring impression and inspired me to pursue further education.”

Region Manager

“Joe Sherren is the best speaker and presenter I have had the pleasure to witness.”

VP Marketing

“Joe, thank you so much for what has been the most inspiring speech I ever ‘lived’. You truly helped many of us wake up and look ahead for a brighter future! Again, thank you!”

Nathalie Noreau-Mcleod
HRSDC Canada

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