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Janice Butler

Workplace Morale Booster
Fredericton, New Brunswick

What Janice is Passionate About

Enjoy a Work-Life Balance 

Work/Life Balance is one of the most sought after element that people are seeking when considering a career or a job. In all levels, employees are more concern with a great Work/Life Balance than pay. A study in the Fortune Magazine showed that people who are satisfied with their personal lives are 127% more productive.

Janice helps the participants to remember the importance of celebrating their hobbies, past-times, and having plain fun! A series of eye-openers and a workshop is used to trigger people’s laughter and importance of making time to play!

An organization who understands that employee “wellness” is key to productivity will embrace this clear and powerful message!

Sail Away from the Safe Harbour… Discover your Potential! 

“Ships in a harbour are safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”
– William Shedd

Using this quote, Janice starts by explaining that you are the captain of your ship because you are born to sail through the ocean of possibilities and discover your potential. Imagine a company or organization where each individual would welcome the “NEW” and embrace “CHANGE”! Their thoughts would then be focused on “…what if we succeed…” instead of the fear of the unknown. Janice explains that it takes inspiration to start something new and then it takes knowledge and practice on how to deal with our internal dialogue, which she calls “little voices”, that often sabotage our success. Janice will also show participants how to sail through fear and then learn from their experiences.

The audience will be guided through very lively stories from Janice’s own journey on how she sailed away from the safe harbour and how she was amazed to discover her potential. When we deal with any changes in our lives, the fear of the unknown always kicks in, but be assured…the beast can be tamed! Janice explains “How” in this wonderful and insightful session!

Energy is Everything 

Every individual or team needs energy to positively enjoy the day and be productive!

Participants are energized through fabulous and practical techniques shared by Janice to get more energy in their lives. The focus is placed on how to energize your mind. Starting with a study on the impact of positive thinking on someone’s energy, Janice will then guide the participants through fun and dynamic activities around the effect of your environment. What you see and hear affects your energy! She will also present some key ways to refresh your mind to find a balance during your hectic day. All this is orchestrated as a beautiful, musical, and energetic speech from the “Master Booster” herself.

This keynote is a perfect opening to a conference, of any group size, to initiate a high level of energy among the participants. It can also be used as a great final pointer which leaves participants on a high note!

Born to be Alive! 

“The key is not simply doing more. The key is doing more of what you love.”
– Richard Chang.

Be transported back to those younger years where you did not notice the time, because you were doing things you loved. Everyone can remember the times when playing outside, coloring, camping, swimming, creating a world to explore with those miniature cars were simply “heaven”! Janice engages the members of the audience by getting them to reflect on what brings them “alive” now! What do they love to do? Is it gardening or traveling? Is it climbing Mount Everest or coming up with the best spaghetti sauce? Is it reading a book to a child or is it walking the dog? What do you love to do? She explains how we often forget how these passions can positively affect our professional and personal lives.

This keynote speech is perfect to warm-up the heart of everyone in the audience and celebrates why they are alive!


This one-day conference is a life-transforming event designed to energize every aspects of your life. The seven topics presented focus on Energy, Vision, Passion, Courage, Potential, Exploration, and Creativity. It provides an extraordinary mix of inspiration, fun, and practical techniques to increase your level of happiness, quality of life, and hopes. It inspires you to discover your personal potential, and render your dreams possible. Surrounded by the rhythm of upbeat music and fascinating visuals, this refreshing conference will keep you on the edge of your seat and change your life in ways you never imagined. So get ready to be “wowed!”.

Why You Need Janice

Janice Butler is an internationally renowned speaker, author and expert on how to foster CONFIDENCE, HAPPINESS, and SUCCESS!  She is truly authentic, engaging, and inspiring! Born and raised in Paquetville in the north eastern part of New Brunswick, she then lived in Fredericton, Los Angeles, and Perth, Australia. She had the opportunity to work with thousands of people around the globe. Everyone, no matter the culture, loves her refreshing, entertaining, and uplifting style.

She has been acclaimed an “absolutely brilliant keynote speaker” from all over the world. Being fully bilingual, she worked with thousands of people from major North American, European and Australian firms for over 25 years such as Fujitsu, The Boeing Company, Air France, the Australian Government, the Kennedy Space Center, Sears Canada, the New Brunswick and Quebec Government.

Her message is SIMPLE and POWERFUL… “Be energized…Enjoy what you do!” Based on a research published in the Fortune Magazine (Jan 98), a person who loves and enjoys life is 127% more productive in everything they do! Janice’s life is a living testimonial that what she teaches actually works. She is one of those people who “walk the talk” and she adapts and relates all her keynotes and seminars to her audience. Can you imagine the “boost” in your organization if everyone would be positive and enjoyed life?

All her keynotes, seminars, and workshops are available in both official languages and are a huge benefit to all the organizations and companies that need their members to be energized…because “Energy is Everything”!

Janice is currently the owner and president of her own professional and personal development company, Creative Breeze Training Inc. She now lives in Bear Island near Fredericton with her husband and their natural entourage (ducks, squirrels, deer, moose, birds, beavers, eagles, bears, chipmunks, etc).

So get ready to put a “BIG” smile on your face as she makes her keynote speeches MAGNIFICENT EVENTS with music and visuals that creates a long-lasting impact in the heart of her audience!

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Why You Will Love Janice

“Engaging & motivating. Realistic and speaks to your emotions and intelligence!”

National Managers Community of Canada

“A unique “outside the box” approach but yet so simple! Inspirational for sure!”

Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

“Your presentation was uplifting, engaging and enlightening. Your approach was refreshing! You completely captured the nurses with your energy, your conviction and the undeniable truth of your message! Both your presentations were a resounding success with our members! On behalf of the members of the NBNU, thank you for such a stimulating presentation and for providing our nurses with such revealing and powerful tools.”

New Brunswick Nurses Union

“Janice provided all the elements of a great conference—inspiring true stories, video clips, quotes, music, tremendous energy, enthusiasm, honesty and guidance. We learned, we felt, we related!”

Department of Education

“I have been to seminars in L.A., Dallas, etc…and I have to say this keynote speaker is the BEST!” I have witnessed Janice in action over and over. She’s always fresh, energizing but most importantly relevant. I highly recommend her for your next corporate event.”

Women Entrepreneurs NB


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