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Carol Lesbirel

Professional Speaker, Motivator, Facilitator and Author
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Carol is Passionate About

Deflecting Flying Saucers 

Flying saucers are always zooming about looking for a landing strip. It is a problem, an issue, a concern, difficulty, dilemma, quandary, predicament or even a crisis. A flying saucer can be sent your way at home, in the workplace, socially, anywhere you go. In this session you will learn how to recognize flying saucers, develop deflective response statements and learn where saucers emerge from in the workplace and at home. We will describe the 10 indicators of saucer overload and also show you what happens when a flying saucer is ignored or avoided. This session is presented in a fun, interactive, creative format and the information has an immediate impact and makes an indelible impression on participants. Learn how to recognize flying saucers and develop deflective responses to send them back into orbit!

Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole 

We live in a world of constant change that many of us find stressful. You have three choices when it comes to change. Be a victim of change and hope it all goes away. Be a viewer of change and watch as everything passes by. Be the victor and win with change. Winning with changes requires getting involved. Learn the power of understanding that change has an ending, incubation and transition period and a new beginning. Change is a voyage of discovery and important part of growth opportunities. Learn how to embrace it!

Attitude Determines Altitude 

Make the Connection Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? Make the connection between attitude and behavior through this informative session that looks at how values, beliefs and judgments help or hinder interactions with people and situations. Achieving success in customer service delivery, being a business leader by communicating effectively with others is all dependent upon your behavior and behavior is heavily influenced by attitude. You will learn how attitude drives behavior and how positive attitude generates winning results.

Interactive Service and Selling 

Do you want your employees to possess the mind-set that delivering “Positively, outrageous service is the ultimate goal?” Defining value from a customer’s point of view, to identifying the defendable differences of a business to recognizing buying motives will be at the base of this seminar. The 4 types of selling and the 5 stages of the selling cycle will be fully explored with the aim being to increase closing ratios. You will learn skills that will boost sales and profitability through an increased understanding and implementation of the need-satisfaction sales process.

One Hour To Sanity 

A humorous and practical approach to stress management. When you explore a typical day in most people’s lives, you can begin to recognize that from early morning to late at night people are constantly multi-tasking, making a vast number of decisions and choices. No wonder we are stressed. Finding the right balance and what works for you is at the root of this keynote. Fun and information-packed with realistic solutions.

Why You Need Carol

Dynamic…Energetic…Enthusiastic! Carol is an accomplished professional speaker, motivational trainer, facilitator and author who helps unlock the invisible door that so often stands between people and their ultimate personal and professional goals.

Whether it’s leadership and coaching, communication dynamics, change management, behavioral profiling, or other workshops from her client-tailored repertoire, Carol’s training is information-packed and guaranteed to deliver the skills and techniques that helps businesses advance faster and further.

Her strong commitment and deep understanding of the subject matter is grounded in a solid experience of over 25 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, people motivator and team leader. Carol has been traveling extensively throughout Canada, working with a varied client base. She has been a guest on the national television show “Call Us” on WTN and a segment of her Internal Customer Service program aired nationally on Venture Magazine. This depth of experience, combined with strong personal leadership and communication skills, allows Carol to quickly develop a rapport with audiences that encourages a high level of participation and interaction.

Audiences leave Carol’s sessions feeling, motivated and optimistic, with concrete ideas that can be put into action immediately. Carol’s use of real life examples makes her content easy to understand, easy to use and participants feel they can implement the new ideas and experience positive results.

Carol is consistently rated highly by course participants; in fact, she scores “very good” or “excellent” 98% of the time. Participants listen, laugh and learn; they leave Carol’s sessions feeling appreciated, encouraged and energized; more importantly, they leave empowered to act in their own best interests.

Carol has fresh ideas and solutions and is uniquely qualified to create customized programs. Her new book: “Who Says You Can’t” was released in August 2005 and is an incredible tool for business owners to help them succeed in what really matters.

In many circles, Carol is known as the CEO…Chief Energizing Officer!

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Why You Will Love Carol

“…Most importantly, the participants said what they found most valuable to be was learning about the importance of attitude, what assertive speaking and listening are, goal setting, time management and especially learning more about how to market themselves in today’s highly competitive workplace. An excellent session. ”

Roxanne Higgins
Organization Development and HR Planning Consultant, Ontario Training and Adjustment Board

“The workshops you have presented to our staff over the past few months have been excellent. You are so dynamic and enthusiastic. Your wealth of knowledge and experience makes your presentations interesting, as well as, beneficial to all participants. One of the comments from a participant ‘The best seminar with ‘The Best’ instructor I’ve ever attended in my many years of nursing’ was truly reflective of the many comments on the evaluation sheets. Thank you, Carol, for wonderful workshops!”

Beth Hakkert, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing, Grand View Manor

“Having known Carol since the late 1990’s, she is, in my opinion, one of the most talented trainers in the East Coast. She has been working with us to help educate and motivate our front line supervisors since 1998. With a population base of over 13,000 employees, in four provinces, I had expected to find a trainer, from within our ranks, similar to Carol, but that has not been the case. Carol is truly a unique person with a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of skill sets. Her ability to quickly adapt to various corporate cultures, as well as her skills, at setting each person that attends her class at ease, is nothing short of amazing. Carol creates a safe environment for people to learn in, where attendees can more easily experiment with new ideas. It has been my pleasure, on personal level, to have known Carol over these past seven years. Her professionalism, integrity and friendship are appreciated.”

Phillip Tower
Senior Manager, Training and Development, Atlantic Wholesalers, Eastern Division of Loblaws

“What a GREAT day the team of the Prince George Hotel had yesterday. It was non-stop learning, fun and high energy from the moment you started and it is continuing here in the workplace. We all came away feeling very motivated which will only make our team stronger. I hope we have the opportunity to have you back with us again in the future.”

Carol Logan
Human Resources Manager, The Prince George Hotel

“If you want to share focused self-management information with your audience, in an invigorating and enjoyable way, you need Carol Lesbirel for your event. Her presence, sense of humour, and love of life is infectious. She will leave your audience wanting more.”

Wayne MacLean
Division Manager, ADL Foods

“Carol Lesbirel is a true professional, who knows how to “reach out and grab” her audience – she captures our attention with her first sentence, and takes us on a whirlwind journey of humor, insight, and practical, applicable sales techniques which we can use! Her high-energy style and down-to -earth manner allows her to communicate effectively, and in such a way that we don’t even realize that we are being trained, because we are having so much fun!

I would highly recommend Carol for future facilitation/training seminars with one proviso – her time limit should be extended from one hour to two. I just wanted to hear more!”

Susan Feltmate
Optician, Doctors Eye Clinic

“Carol was an absolute delight – funny, engaging and inspiring! This was the first time we brought in a keynote speaker for our employee sessions, but it certainly won’t be the last. There was so much fun and laughter that our team didn’t even realize they were learning about the importance of a positive attitude and good communication. Carol has recharged our staff and we look forward to a positive and productive year!”

Lia Avalos
Coordinator, Director's Office, HRM Finance

“Having Carol as a guest speaker at our workshop was a real treat. She was very dynamic and informative. Her speech was very positive and encapsulated all the themes that we wanted to promote for our audience. Carol’s interactive style of presentation was especially well received and served as a fantastic ice breaker, it truly set the tone for the entire duration of the workshop.”

Ferda Simpson
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

“One of the most talented trainer on the East Coast. Carol is truly a unique person with a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of skills sets. Carol creates a safe environment for people to learn in, where attendees can more easily experiment with new ideas.”

Philip Tower
Senior Manager, Training and Development, Atlantic Wholesalers

“Your presentation…was perfect for our needs and has received extremely high reviews.You have “more than delivered” what you promised you would at our initial meetings for this training program. I honestly believe that our sales and profits will increase directly from your involvement with our company.”

Ian Vincent
VP Store Operations, Charm Diamond Centres

“…the session was fantastic! We were all captivated from the moment you walked into the room.”

Brenda M. Clark
Administrative Assistant, Exxon Mobil

“Carol lit up the room when she entered and the session was just what our group needed, Carol was fantastic!”

Valerie Murray
Administrative Assistant, Exxon Mobil

“I’m including some of the comments we received on our evaluation forms I thought you’d like to see. Thanks again for presenting at our forum.

– Unbelievable great choice in the 1st session. Very informative and entertaining! Love it immensely!

– Carol Lesbirel’s presentation was informative and refreshing!

– Carol Lesbirel is the best speaker I have heard. I learned a lot about the different generation and how they work and how I can apply this to my job

– Carol had a great presentation in the morning session that was both informative and engaging.”

Angie MacDonald
Human Resources Advisor, PEI Association of Sector Councils

“Everyone was pleased with Carol’s presentation. The client, SkillsPEI, was very pleased with Carol’s session and made comments that reflected they would like to have her back for PD days at the office. She was very energizing and upbeat. All went well.”

Ruby Burt
Reel Media

“We have had Carol speak to our staff and customers on multiple occasions. Carol is always entertaining and informative. She works with us to create focused content for the event. No cookie cutter content from Carol. She is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”

Wayne MacLean
Division Manager, ADL Foods

“Carol was FANTASTIC!! As the organizer of our corporate retreat this past September the feedback I have received from the group has been wonderful. The best we have ever experienced and it’s all because of Carol! Carol is a pro at what she does – she knows how to get people to open up and get involved -her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is contagious! In our opinion Carol is a STAR! We would highly recommend Carol and hope to see her again at one of our events!”

Cheryl Smith
Executive Coordinator, The Hardman Group Limited

“Hoots of laughter and enthusiastic clapping marked the 10th annual fundraiser of the Valley Women’s Business Network in Kentville, NS, on 10 October 2012. Keynote speaker Carol Lesbirel entertained the audience of nearly 50 women on the topic, “Who says you can’t (dodge flying saucers)?” She recounted lively anecdotes from her career in fashion to highlight the positive choices women can make to succeed personally and in business.”

Rachel Cooper
Valley Women's Business Network


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