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Buhle Dlamini

Facilitator, Author, and Expert in Professional and Personal Development
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Buhle is Passionate About

Owning The Future 

The future of individual and business success is very different to anything we have experienced before. The accelerated changes in Politics, Technology, Management, Leadership, Demographics and Economics are altering the look and pace of business. Individuals and businesses that are prepared will prosper and own the future while the unprepared will flounder. This presentation looks at what it will take own the future by looking at some secrets that must be applied now. It is delivered in an entertaining way using multi-media, while leaving participants with practical tools to implement now.

Owning The Future is a must for organisations and individuals that are serious about being at the forefront and lead the wave of the new economy. While it gives a very strategic and futurist message, it is also light in style. Inspiring, eye-opening, practical and full of ideas you can walk out and apply immediately.

Unleashing Your Greatness 

This inspirational presentation challenges individuals to let go of their success limiting habits and embrace the fullness of their potential. Stop playing small and rise to the level of your potential. Unleashing Your Greatness is about stepping into the arena of your career and personal excellence by embracing the practical keys many others have used to reach their own Mt. Everest. Greatness is not only the reserve of a few; anyone who chooses can become great. This entertaining and inspirational talk will give you what you need to get started.

What You’ll Gain From This Presentation:
– Self-Awareness and Goal Setting in your career development.
– Understanding the changes in the world around you and how these will affect your career and personal progress.
– Taking ownership of where you are going in your career and future.

Why You Need Buhle

Buhle Dlamini is an international leadership consultant, motivational speaker and facilitator. Over the past 15 years he has addressed global audiences including executive leadership teams from major companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Unilever, Barclays Bank and Samsung. He has also addressed student groups at various institutions of higher learning, including Yale University in USA.

Buhle is originally from South Africa and weaves his background and personal story of triumph over struggle into all his presentations. His presentation style makes use of multimedia and humour which makes a lasting impression on his audiences. If you want to motivate and inspire your team or challenge leaders to take necessary steps to own the future and unleash their greatness then Buhle is the speaker for you. He will create an energetic and positive vibe for your event with his boundless stage presence and magnetic smile while capturing your undivided attention with his stories and strategies for personal and business success.

An excellent keynote presenter that can set the tone for any conference with his unforgettable humour, stories and impeccable business acumen. He has met and worked with leaders such as former SA president Nelson Mandela, received an award from ArchBishop Desmond Tutu for Nation Building and has won numerous entrepreneurship awards and he’s an author of 5 Books.

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Why You Will Love Buhle

“Well…..Buhle was outstanding!  He was a delight to work with and just an engaging, inspiring, authentic individual which totally came through in his keynote. At the afternoon session, we had record attendance AND he received a standing ovation. One employee, who has attending this event for years, said he was the best speaker we’ve ever had. So, we are thrilled! Thank you LimeLight for your help in making this a truly successful employee event! I appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail.”

Suzanne Rider
HR Assistant – Learning & Development| Human Resources
City of Kitchener


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