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Barb Fry

Expert on Healthy Workplace Relationships and Service Excellence
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Barb is Passionate About

Thriving in Our Challenging Workplaces Workplaces 

This humorous and reflective presentation offers participants an opportunity to consider the impact of our changing world on the quality of service outcomes, workplace relationships and worklife. A description of toxic behaviors as evidenced by ‘Workplace Royalty’, Negaholics and Houseplants and strategies for managing them will be offered. Ten top tips for thriving with an emphasis on the power to choose one’s attitude, professional accountability, and the importance of respect in the workplace will follow.

Got Gap? The Inter-Generational Workplace 

Participants will learn about the forces that helped shape the general characteristics of each generation, their values, and expectations at work and how these impact the quality of work alike. Despite differences in each generational cohort they share a common need to be treated with dignity and respect and can tap into the power within to inspire, teach and learn from one another to come together to create a place where people want to work. A guided conversation will follow.

The Power of One: The Power of Many! 

‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito (Dali Lama). These words proclaim the power of one. When each staff member becomes aware of and proclaims their positive, professional power and work together for the greater good, amazing things happen! This insightful, potentially vexing and humorous presentation will create a powerful itch and drive to scratch your professional bestie your role at work and remind you of the difference you make. It will conclude with tips for individual and collective actions to positively transform quality of care and/or service provision.

DISCLAIMER: No mosquitos will be harmed during the presentation of this material.

Creating Your Future: Powering Up Nurse Manager Practice 

Often feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, nurse managers find themselves struggling to balance operational requirements of doing more with less and ensuring quality care while attempting to create places where staff want to work. No small feat for the feint of heart! However, nurse managers have an incredible opportunity and are uniquely positioned in healthcare to inspire personal and professional growth among staff and create excellence in practice.

This presentation will provide opportunities for nurse managers to reflect on their current realities, gain some insights into managing change and staff behaviors, learn about strategies for success, and resolve to take steps to transform their leadership practice.

SPOILER ALERT: Reflective moments may be punctuated with bouts of laughter!

Creating Your Leadership Future 

So how’s your leadership style working in today’s rapidly changing, doing more with less workplace? This presentation, peppered with humor will provide participants with opportunities to reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great realities of leadership. Participants will come away with a sense of renewal, be inspired to learn about new ways of leading in a changing world, and tips for creating places where people want to work.

Spells that Women Cast upon Themselves: Powerful Potions for Breaking Them 

Research reveals that in our increasingly complex, networked, and relational world women have innate abilities to successfully handle the demands of being small business owners!

Women’s capacity for web-thinking, reading people and connecting are considered valuable interpersonal assets necessary for business growth. Yet for many women these attributes can become barriers to their own personal growth and professional development and lead to feelings of frustration and perhaps failed ventures.

Balancing the demands and meeting the challenges of small business ownership requires women to become more aware of personal behaviors that may detract from their professional relationships and to learn about more effective practices for enhancing them.

This tongue in cheek, humorous, and interactive session will engage participants in dialogue about some self-induced limitations (spells they may cast upon themselves) and offers powerful strategies (potions) for overcoming them.


Shifting the Balance: From Recruitment to Retention 

Today’s competitive workplaces pour a great deal of attention and human and dollars into recruitment. Sadly once hired, new recruits often discover a workplace poisoned by toxic workplace relationships. This situation can lead to their rapid departure and wasted resources.

This presentation describes a four-phased process designed to assist managers and staff in improving the quality of their worklives, their peer group relationships, and creating a workplace environment where employees will thrive.

Why You Need Barb

Barb is a registered nurse, adult educator, workplace relationship and middle management consultant. Working in healthcare and business settings Barb delivers high energy, humorous keynotes and workshops to focus on professionalism, service excellence, improving generational relationships, and quality of worklife.

Over the course of 30 years, Barb Fry has held staff nurse, teaching and managerial positions, specializing in psychiatric mental health nursing. She played an instrumental role in a process to improve quality of worklife for leaders and staff during a merger of the Capital District Health Authority in Nova Scotia. In addition to participating on the change management team, she created a unique position to support 2,300 nursing staff during a multi-site merger.

Today, as a business owner and adult educator, Barb applies her knowledge of relational learning in the workplace to facilitate quality of worklife improvement for many different industries.

Barb offers high-energy presentations, coaching, and insightful facilitated workshops, to business owners, managers, and staff. Barb’s sessions emphasize individual accountability and collective responsibility for creating healthy workplace relationships. She employs creative strategies such as storytelling and humor to facilitate new learning.

In addition to a Master’s degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University, Barb holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Diploma in Teaching in Schools of Nursing from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Barb has presented at national conferences on topics of coaching and mentoring, innovation in healthcare, leadership, and quality of work life. She has been published in Canadian Nurse and has authored a Health Canada Publication: Preparing for Change. More recently, Barb has been asked to contribute her perspective on workplace issues in a Report on Business column published by The Globe and Mail.

Barb is writing the second edition of Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager: Managing a Changing Workplace in a Nutshell. Springer: New York, (2010).

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Why You Will Love Barb

“Barb has an extraordinary ability to work with groups from all walks of life, motivating and moving them quickly towards their desired goal. Her terrific sense of humor, exceptional knowledge of the most recent literature and keen understanding of human behavior makes her an excellent choice as a consultant or facilitator. I highly recommend her!!”

Chris Power
CEO, Capital District Health Authority, Halifax, NS

“Barb is a great speaker. Her presentation ‘Thriving in a Changing Workplace’ electrified our retreat. She left us all brimming with energy and infected us with her optimism.”

Ehud Ur
Head Division of Endocrinology, Dalhousie University

“Barb is unique blend of educator, compassionate care giver and business person. With over 30 years of experience in health care and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Barb has amazing insight into the dynamics of complex organizations and the challenges we face as we attempt to navigate our way through change. She has made a profound difference to all of us in the QEII Foundation and she is a sought after speaker locally, nationally and internationally. If you need to look at change from a refreshing and thought provoking new vantage point (and you’ll get a good laugh along the way), talk to Barb. “

Bill Bean
CEO, QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Halifax, NS

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with Barb Fry’s presentations. The topics she presented really hit home with our audience. Barb really has an awesome ability to articulate the content and connect with the audience in a humorous way. She did an amazing job for us!”

Suzanne Berryman
Director of Health Care and Contract Feeding, Sysco

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