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Audrey Parker-Kralovec

Fashion Coordinator, Instructor and Image Consultant
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Audrey is Passionate About

Learn 10 steps to looking 10 years younger 

Studies based on attractiveness have shown that women and men who are good looking, young and slim are more likely to get a job and keep it. It seems that more doors open for these people and they project more happiness, positivity and success in their lives.

There was a time that aging gracefully was widely accepted but today, our culture is geared towards youth and beauty so looking youthful has never been more important to our success in life. Audrey will walk you through ten easy steps that will have you looking and feeling 10 years younger in no time.

Professional Image Training 

At some point, the public will meet your employees in person. Do you have employees who don’t accurately represent your company’s image? Do your people from the senior executives to the junior employees understand the importance of image management so they can maximize their potential? Audrey will design a professional image training presentation based on helping your staff turn their visual presence to represent the company’s goals. Discussing topics including appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication and appearance, the participants will leave with valuable tools and techniques they can put into action right away.


You have 7 seconds to make a good first impression so you need to make them count. Everyone makes judgments about a person’s credibility, power, intelligence, income level and character based on their first impression. Audrey will walk your employees through a program that will instruct them on how to improve their first impression while refining their networking skills.

Dress for Success 

– Icebreaker to get participants thinking about dress and success

– Demonstrates how important dressing is to one’s career and give solid tips to help the participants make improvements to their own wardrobe

– Give advice on color, style, fit, fabrication, appropriateness, proper casual day attire, footwear, grooming

– Provide a Daily “How do I look” checklist to be used before they leave home

– Provide a shopping checklist and store resource list to help with purchasing a more flattering and professional wardrobe

– Questions and Answers

Business Dining Etiquette 

A simple luncheon for all participants could be held on campus using the typical round tables for 10 used at business and black tie events so the participants can learn how to negotiate a full dining service with finesse and confidence. This can be done during an actual luncheon or as a tutorial. Conducting a professional business lunch will also be discussed.

Some points include:

– Where to place your handbag?

– Which direction do you pass the bread?

– How should you butter your bread?

– How do you let your waiter know you are still eating if you leave the table?

– How do you signal to your waiter that you are finished eating?

– Which utensil should be used?

– Settling the bill?

Why You Need Audrey

For more than three decades, Audrey Parker has been working with clients to develop their personal style, polish their credibility building skills and develop their personal brand. Audrey offers a wide range of image management services for men and women. Her exceptional knowledge and expertise has allowed her to work with corporate CEO’s, executives, politicians, celebrities, television personalities and well-known performers. She is a graduate of Dalhousie University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, a certificate in Adult Education from St. F. X. University and an advanced diploma in Public Relations from NSCC.

Since childhood, Audrey was passionate about fashion. She began her career in the fashion industry and became adept at building and organizing wardrobes for clients so they looked stylish, polished and professional.

During the late 1980’s, Audrey worked with hundreds of professionals to improve their professional image, she offered workshops at Henson College and she taught fashion merchandising at Maritime Business College. She also became a well known Ballroom and Latin dance instructor eventually teaching more than 7,500 dance students throughout the province and performing at dozens of major black tie events.

In 1996, Audrey joined CBC Television as their in-house makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. To enhance her knowledge, she became licensed in both makeup artistry and hairdressing. She also worked with many well-known photographers on high-profile advertising campaigns. Throughout her career, she has worked with many celebrities including David Foster, Natalie Cole, Jann Arden, Lionel Richie, Chantal Kreviazuk, Babyface Edmonds, Shaun Majumder, Holly Cole, and Cathy Jones.

In 2011, Audrey joined Mills as the General Manager and within the year, she successfully improved the business and helped sell it to new owners. Audrey has returned to her work as a personal branding specialist. Believing that self-confidence comes from knowing how to handle ones self in any situation, she enjoys coaching all ages and brings her energy and contemporary approach to all the clients she has the privilege to work with.

To give back to the community, Audrey has been a celebrity dancer for Bridgeway Academy’s fundraising event, “Dancing for Our Stars,” she is a founding member of “Bust a Move” for breast health and she’s a committee member of the Halifax Dance Viennese Opera Ball.

Today, many employees are dressing too casual for the workplace and with little thought given to their wardrobe choices. This can affect professional image and credibility. Personal branding has never been more important and unless employees take it upon themselves to learn how to develop their own brand, they will be unable to compete with those who do.

Investing in workshops that help employees identify “credibility robbers” and give them useful tips to help them improve their personal branding skills goes a long way in improving the entire organization’s success.

Knowing how to build a flattering and professional wardrobe, understanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills, knowing how to network effectively and negotiate the etiquette when dealing with different cultures, how to speak in public and how to negotiate dining situations, contributes directly to an individual’s professional image and self-confidence.

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Why You Will Love Audrey

“Audrey brings a wealth of experience to the table and helps remove the mystery around what people can do to enhance their image and personal brand.”

Chief Development Officer and Asst. Vice-President External Relations
Dalhousie University

“Audrey Parker is a consummate professional who offers impeccable service. She is a talented make-up artist and wardrobe stylist who has worked with top celebrities for events, television, film and stage.
I have had the opportunity to use her personal branding services and her advice has resulted in tremendous personal and professional benefits. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to take their image to the next level.”

Margaret McGee
Global Media and Communications, Booz and Company, New York, USA

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