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Bruce Guthro

Songwriter Extraordinaire
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why You Need Bruce

Bruce Guthro is an artist who has captivated audiences around the world with his honest, straight-to-the-heart songwriting, and live performances that are as engaging and personal as the man himself. Troubadour and storyteller, Bruce’s music gets to the heart of the matter, and his success can be attributed to his ability to connect with his audience.

His songs cross the boundaries of pop, folk, and jazz and showcase the vast abilities of the songwriter to put into words, many diverse experiences as though he has lived them all. Bruce’s new record titled Beautiful Life was released in Denmark in October, 2005, Canada in 2006 and Germany in 2007. It is available in the webstore of his website.

Beautiful Life is the 3rd solo recording by Bruce and marks another evolution in the talents of this song writer from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton. Clearly his most personal work to date, Bruce was involved in every level of production on this recording, and stayed true to his convictions and artistic vision.

Along with his solo career, Bruce has also been, for the past eight years, lead singer for the Scottish super group – Runrig, which has a strong following in Europe and continues to grow internationally.

On top of being a gifted musician, Bruce has been seen by national audiences on CBC Television, acting as host of Songwriters Circle.

After all his achievements, Bruce remains as down-to-earth as when he first appeared on the Canadian music scene, writing truthfully and passionately about the world around him while leaving his audiences wanting more.

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Why You Will Love Bruce

“A plethora of incredibly full sounds blend seamlessly and envelope the senses… acoustic guitars join with electric guitars to form a harmonious whole, perfectly complemented by Guthro’s uncompromising vocals … All in all, the musician has created an album which overflows with melodic, brilliantly arranged music which is full of soul.”
Online magazine, Germany, September 2009

“… gentle ballads with a catchy pop music feel – plus plenty of anthem-like songs to sing along, clap along and dance along to.”

Neue Osnabrückner Zeitung
German daily paper, September 2009

“Bruce Guthro is a master at creating a special atmosphere. His ballad ‘Rush’ is underscored by string accompaniment, ‘Flew MacCarthy Home’ is a moving anthem reminiscent of U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ era. ‘Boom Boom Boom’ captivates through its filigree rhythm framework, and songs like ‘Drive’ and ‘Going Home’ provide a pop vibe which is suitable for the masses yet without sounding mundane.”
German online magazine, September 2009

“… infused with beautiful ballads … songwriting at its finest … thought- provoking sounds.”

German newspaper, September 2009

“It could be his voice. It could be his lyrics. Or perhaps it’s both, but something about Bruce Guthro’s songs burrows into your soul and doesn’t let go.”

Dave Stobbe
Reporter, Rocky Mountain Outlook

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