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Big Name Talent

By Kimberley King | Jun 20, 2017

Ask and you may receive. There are many high-profile artists and performers who love to travel and get in front of many different audiences. And yes, your next corporate event might be the one they accept. There are a few key pieces of information you’ll need to know.

If you’re looking to engage one of these household names, it’s important to work with the experts and cover off a few key details.

Know your audience: Are they ready to buy a ticket to see this person? If you’re looking to generate some major media and promotional opportunities, you need the right personality that your audience can’t wait to see.

Know your budget: Yes these high profile personalities and artists are in demand and for top dollar. For many of them who are on television or touring, they can only accept a handful of corporate engagements each year so they know it needs to be something they are actually interested in taking the time out of their schedule to join you for any event. Before you start making calls, have a clear understanding of the budget line you’re going to put forward.

Know what you’re looking for: Have a good assessment of exactly what you’re looking for in this performer. Is it specifically the performance or are you looking for a VIP meet and greet, autograph signing or any additional requirements from them. Some performers are happy to get on that stage but prefer to keep to themselves pre and post show. For others, they are more than happy to engage with the audience or your sponsors, they understand why you’ve brought them in. It’s an experience. Be prepared to outline the full scope when you submit your offer for an entertainer’s services.

Know what you’re paying for: Keep in mind the artist has a fee and that is just the beginning. Everyone is different but it’s important to have a full scope of what you’re paying for. Typically you’ll have artist handlers, performers that accompany them on stage, transportation costs, hospitality costs, hotel accommodations, event insurance and miscellaneous expenses.

Know the terms: When you write a firm offer and have an agent submit it to the artist manager, this is equivalent to confirming with a contract, you are ready to buy. They will also request a 50% deposit upon contract signature and the balance is typically due prior to the event before the artist travels to your engagement.

We love working with clients to help guide them through this process. Talent buying is not something they do every day. We love to make the magic happen!

My most memorable celeb booking was with Tony Bennett. “Mr. Bennett, they are ready for you now.” Speaking these words to this icon is something I will never forget.