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No Joke, Speakers Can Also Be Funny!

By Stephanie Purcell | Mar 18, 2016

Quality humour adds a great dose of entertainment to your event. Humour boosts learning, trust, energy, memory and optimism for attendees. And in particular, well-placed humour can be a powerful tool for engaging with your audience.

An article from The Meeting Professional, NO JOKE, states that humour increases memory and long term retrieval, and can capture the attention of people who are easily bored and inattentive. Humour brings our minds to attention and lowers our defenses. According to Dr. Robert Sylwester, “emotion drives attention and attention drives learning”.

We’ve all sat through those hour long presentations that the speaker goes on and on about his/her topic, but did we really absorb it? One of our favorite speakers Martin Latulippe incorporates humour into each one of his presentations. As an audience member for a presentation by Martin, you aren’t being lectured to… you are experiencing a comedic dialogue. Watch his introduction video, that captures perfectly the comedic personality Martin brings to every event he is a part of.

It’s not rocket science to suggest that laughter increases emotions while delivering more oxygen to the brain. When humour engages you’ll find cognitive focus will excel. Imagine what it can do for your event attendees.