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The Spy who Loved C : Getting Better Buy-in

By Stephanie Purcell | Feb 17, 2016

“JJ Brun, a retired spy, was trained by the military to operate in hostile environments and elicit buy-in from a wide variety of people.” This is the opening statement of JJ’s speaking bio. How cool is that? JJ is an expert in human behavior. What a better way to understand how to communicate than from someone who is trained by the military to be a spy….AND yet, he has a warm and engaging personality!

I recently met JJ at a conference and had the opportunity to do a short interview with him. You get to know his personality a little bit better. Check out the video.

He focuses in on some key communication techniques that are valuable for Leaders HR Managers, Sales professionals, Elected Officials and anyone who needs to get buy on ideas (would that be everyone?)  Here is a short list of skills that can be learned:

  • Learn why many people fail to be convincing
  • Learn to identify the communication patterns for an individual or group
  • Learn how to present the same idea in four different ways to ensure buy-in- know your audience!

One of my favorite quotes from JJ:  “Communication is simple, it’s just not easy!”  How true!