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The Perfect Fit. Everytime.

By LimeLight Group | May 13, 2017

When it comes to entertainment, finding the perfect fit to wow an audience is a great reward.

So how do you find that perfect fit? It all starts with a conversation. The more insight about the desired outcomes, the greater the success story when the audience is applauding.

Does your room want to watch a performance or get up and dance? Are their spouses in attendance, or is it primarily a corporate crowd? If dancing is prime- that’s easy!  Order up a great dance band : ) AND the big dance floor! But sometimes audiences want to watch a lively feature performance– and we just need to leave room for a little spontaneous dance party to pop up… you’ve seen it.  There are always a few in the crowd who just can’t keep their toes from tapping!  What about the question of original music vs. well known cover tunes?  Both have advantages. We love promoting local talent playing original artists. We think it expands the mind and offers something new and different. Familiar, well-loved covers are dance-able and fun.

What if the audience is interested in sitting back, listening and engaging with the talent?  If so, a songwriter’s circle is a unique, up-close-and personal look at the art of song writing– something we ‘listeners’ don’t often think about.  Combine 4 or 5 musicians, great stories and lots of funny anecdotes about music & life and you’ve got a songwriters circle.  It’s a one of a kind thing- and so cool that it won’t be repeated in exactly the same way ever again.  Now that’s an experience they won’t soon forget!

Sometimes just a hint of music is all that’s needed in the background.  Small 1-3 piece ensembles work well in these cases.  We like to have fun with all kinds of instruments to keep even background music top notch.

Comedy is another avenue. But it requires an audience that is interested and attentive.  As the saying goes, laughter is the shortest distance between two points.  It’s a fantastic way to give some much needed levity to an event, and to get those endorphins pumping!

We always ask what has been successful in past years and what wasn’t. These are all key pieces of information and answers to these questions pave the path to the perfect fit!