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Strategies to Evaluate an Event Budget

By Stephanie Purcell | Sep 10, 2015

“Break it down” by Stephanie Holmes-Winston published by Progress magazine gave great insight for this blog. A wise person once said; it takes weeks to make a living, and only a few minutes to spend it. When spending for your next event, pay attention to these questions to evaluate your budget.

Cost vs. Investment- When it comes to event spending, the glitz and glam can take over anyone’s wise spending choices. Before handing over that credit card, think to yourself… is this an expense that will increase exposure or generate revenue for the event?

Want vs. Need- You want your event to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Before making any purchase, make sure to stop and ask whether this is a want or need. What will give you the greatest impact? What’s the most important thing for your audience?

When you’re confident in your answers ‘Check out’ that ‘Shopping Cart’.