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Marketing your Event when You Are the Marketing Department

By Stephanie Purcell | Aug 20, 2015

Getting the bums in the seats is sometimes the hardest part. Embrace some excellent and free social media tools available to you to get the job done. The way in which you market your event can be the deciding factor to a successful outcome. Your audience is everything… know your demographic and target market them for the best return. Everything you put out needs to pertain to your audience, grab their attention and deliver an outcome… because, Outcomes Outplay Everything.

Before: Before the event takes place, promote, promote, promote! It’s so fantastic to have people talking about your event. Hashtags have become a powerhouse for events… not only can you deliver information to your market, you receive real-time sharing, responses and content. An event page is also a must… allow a space where the public can go to get their most popular questions answered. Engage your audience by changing up the content you’re delivering them to review. Keep telling them the key info by hitting them with different touch points. If you don’t have a newsletter service already you can consider a simple program like Mail Chimp to build your email list and design e-blasts to your potential guests.

During: They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Keep photos surfacing during the event. Capture genuine fun on attendees faces and interaction with each other… action shots of people dancing, engaged audiences at speaker sessions or profiled guests and talent when they take the stage. Make it ALL about your audience! Your promotional attempts during the event will gain the interest of your future customer. Always keep thinking about improvement and being more strategic for your next event! Keep engaging to build authentic followers and fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for those instant reviews and interactions.

After: Post, post and post some more. Remind your guests of the special moments and show those who stayed home what they missed; get on their radar for next time! Content should be directed toward what was accomplished and what your future goals will be. If this is an annual event you’ve planned, you want to keep your audience engaged so they’ll buy back in for next year. Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean people stop watching or listening! Managing your marketing presence IS managing your reputation as a go-to event! Socializing on your fan followed social media platforms will give you the opportunity to keep growing your follower lists for next year.