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5 Things you must do after attending an Industry Conference

By Stephanie Purcell | Feb 25, 2016

Two years ago I had a chance to attend a killer industry event put on Infusionsoft. It’s called ICON and it is one of the most energetic gatherings I have ever been a part of!  Now that’s saying a lot!  Not only did I get to network with thousands of small business owners, I also had the chance to see my all time speaker crush- Seth Godin.  Seth was a rock star keynote. I knew he would be. I wanted him to be. I receive his blog daily, read his books and listen to his interviews. He exceeded my expectations.

I long to stand in Seth Godin’s green room. He is on my bucket list of speakers to book in my career. I can’t wait to look at a client and say, let me do this for you! And I’ll blog about it someday!

Recently I came across this article by Robert Half.  The 5 Things You MUST Do After Attending an Industry Conference. This article reminded me when I came home from #ICON14. I was on fire from what I learned, heard and saw.  I had done the five items on Robert’s list without even knowing it. It’s key for any key industry conference.

I didn’t need that list then because I was so energized from witnessing that moment of pure skill. I jumped at doing all five of these things. It felt natural yet euphoric. Like that feeling you get after your favourite band kills it on stage… again.

It’s key to remember #5 on that list. “Thank your boss for sending you.” Gratitude goes a long way. It leads you to moments like these.

PS-  I’ll let you know when I’ve secured Seth a green room.