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It's All About You.

Your event. Your audience. Your outcomes.

Finding the right speaker or entertainer can be a little daunting.
But not to worry, we're here to make you look good.
We take away risk by curating the right Speaker or Entertainer for your meeting or event.
Anything that happens on stage or behind a podium is where we shine!
(oh, and we can save you lots of time too)

Yes, please make my life easier

What We Do

Our team will dig deep to explore your insights, vision and desired outcomes to create a unique and customized live experience for your guests.

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How We Do It

We work hand-in-hand with clients and strategic partners to take your meetings, conferences and events to the next level.

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Why We Do It

Our team works to find a way to make the greatest impact possible on the audience, making it as memorable and long-lasting as possible.

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Where We Do It

We aim to connect without borders or limitations. We work with clients, partners and amazing speakers and entertainers from across Canada.

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Juicy Thoughts

Crucial Conversations: The Pre-Event Call

It's time to tee up a call with your speaker and your management team. This call is paramount. Allow between 30-45 mins for these calls and be prepared with solid insight about the event, theme, audience composition (Male-Female ratios, age ranges, geographic make up, whether or not spouses attend, etc) and most importantly–your desired outcomes for the session. Basically, it should inform the speaker about what keeps management  and attendees up at night--and how he/she can deliver the most tuned-in, relatable message.

Mindful or Mind Full?

Being mindful. It’s something that has my curiosity these days. The more I read, the more intrigued I become. I have started a practice of 10 minutes of meditation each day. Using "Headspace” as my guide, I have embarked on a journey to create space. And I’m loving it. Being mindful is really about paying attention to what’s happening in the present, allowing things to be as they are, letting go and not passing judgement.

Speaker Transportation

You’ve booked your speaker and your plans are all coming  together.  Only question now is-- how is your speaker getting to the event? Booking a professional driver is almost always preferred. Sometimes a longer drive from an airport to the event destination can provide a great opportunity for meeting planners or company executives to connect with the speaker. But always check ahead with the speaker to ensure they are comfortable with this.